Troodon's Home Page

Troodon's Home Page

I just got out of the Air Force, and moved back to Colorado for the time being. I'm searching for a job in the computer maintenance field (if you know of a good opening, feel free to E-mail me!) If I get any free time, I plan to upload a few pictures from my Thailand and Cambodia trip (as soon as I get my stuff from Korea!). Anyway, you're listening to my first ever midi composition. I created it using Cakewalk. It is Tarantella; Opus 23 for Cello and Piano by William Henry Squire. The midi is based on an arrangement by Pierre Fournier. It's still a work in progress; I'm trying to adjust the dynamics a little and trying to make the cello sound a little more realistic by adding slides and accents. If you have any tips on how to do this using Cakewalk, please let me know! Download it if you want to examine it more closely.

Main features of my site are a page for my Monopoly collection, a travel page describing everywhere I've travelled and plan to travel, and a page for dragons, with various science-fiction and fantasy links. Also, here's a few good links.




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