Boy Scout Troop 70

Picture Rocks, PA

Important August & September Dates: Burger Burn: August 22 (Sam's Club)                    Court of Honor: August 23 (1:00p)                    Sandwich Sale Begins: August 25                    Sandwich Orders Due: Sept. 8                    Committee Meeting: Sept. 9 (7:00p)                     Campout (John's House): Sept. 11, 12, & 13                     Sandwich Delivery: Sept. 18                     Hick's Fundraiser: Sept. 19                   


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    Troop 70 is located in Picture Rocks, Pennsylvania, and is part of Susquehanna Council. Our charter is sponsored by the Picture Rocks United Methodist Church.

    We meet every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 8:30 at the fellowship room of the Picture Rocks United Methodist Church. Troop 70 offers its members plenty of opportunities to go camping. We average around 23 nights of camping and 13 day activities per year.

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bullet2009 - Camp Minsi
bullet2008 - Camp Brule'
bullet2007 - Haliburton Scout Reserve
bullet2007 - Camp Karoondinha
bullet2006 - Camp Karoondinha
bullet2005 - Camp Karoondinha
bullet2004 - Camp Karoondinha
bullet2003 - Goose Pond Scout Reserve
bullet2002 - Camp Gorton
bullet2001 - Seven Mountains Scout Camp
bullet2000 - Camp Tuscarora
bullet1999 - Haliburton Scout Reserve

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Look at Troop 70's online photo album filled with pictures from past campouts and activities.
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