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Entry for October 26, 2007

Ticket Sales Start Monday Night!!!

Ticket sales will start Monday night. Each scout will be issued 10 tickets at a time. The goal is that each scout sell at least 10.  Also provided will be a form that will allow us to track each ticket sold.  Any unsold tickets must be returned to the troop.  Any tickets not accounted for will be charged to the scouts at the cost of $4/ticket.

The selling price of the tickets will be: $5/adult, $2/child under 10, and $12/family (size of 3-5).

Mr. Jeff Pankow will be coordinating ticket sales for the troop.

Silent Auction Committee Set to Meet

The Silent Auction Committee will met Monday night at 7pm at the church. We are looking for older scouts, leaders, and parents that are interested in helping.  Each family is asked to that they consider making a donation to the silent auction. No item is too small.

Mrs. Denise Botello will be coordinate the Silent Auction.

Deserts for the Dinner

The troop is asking that each family donate baking goods for us to make deserts for the dinner.  Such things as cake mix, pie crusts, cookie dough, etc would be nice. 

Mr. Will McKay is currently coordinating.

It is requested that each family either donate baking goods or an item for the Silent Auction.


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