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2001 Activities
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       Scouts reflect on past year

As the 2000 year came to an end the scouts from 209 took a minute to remember the past year. All the fun times they had at scout camp and how many merit badges they earned. All the new friends they made, even if they were animals that slipped in their packs on the way home, as well as all the new stuff they learned. At least now they know how to pitch a tent in the dark in less than 1 minute, and how to carve a stick with a knive without cutting himself. He remembers learning how to track animals and how to tie knots with one hand that COULD save someones life!  He learned how to obey the scout law by keeping himself clean and always being kind.  He learned how to lead rather than follow and how to manange money, keep notes and always be responsible. He learned how to apply first aid to any person for almost any injury.  He learned how to tell what animals and plants are poisonous or dangerous.  He learned how to keep himself  and others alive in harsh conditons like snow, or without food. But the most important thing he learned was how to have fun!
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Troop 209 is located in Tucson,AZ
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