Boy Scout Troop 231-Hickory, North Carolina
BSA Troop 231

Who is Troop 231?

B>Glad you asked! We are a Boy Scouting Troop from Hickory, North Carolina sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Hickory. We're not a huge troop, but we aren't tiny either. We have about 12-15 active members.


Camping is very important in our troop. We belive that a large part of the Scouting experience involves getting out an experiencing the outdoors, as well as learning the skills that Scouting teaches in the places they're supposed to be learned in, and putting those skills to good use. We are pretty hard core in our trips, however, we do try to warm the scouts back into the schedule starting with easier trips and working are way up to the harder ones. However, we have already gotten into our schedule, so and new scout may will need to take the easier routes on the trips where there are two seperate trips, and for the rest make sure they're in good enough shape before hand. Our trips can at times be strenous, but the scouts always come out of the experience better off then they were, they will have, if nothing else, learned something, and have an accomplishment to be proud of. As well as have the rewarding experiences our trips offer.

Camping Schedule*

October 19&20- Older scouts:6 peaks of Mt. Mitchell
Younger scouts: 3 1/2 peaks of MM
November- Linvile Gorge
December- Mt. Rogers
January- Ski Trip (Location undecided)
February- Cave trip (Location undecided)
March- Cold Mountain
April- Hump Mountain
May- Clingman's Dome
June- Rafting Trip (Location undecided)
Day Trips- Uwari Forest, Mountain Climbing, Fly Fishing

*= All dates and/or trips subject to change.
**Trips without days are still being planned, no exact date yet.


We have our meeting every Tuesday in teh basment of First Pres. which has recently be remodeled and painted so it better shows our space down there. Our meeetings ususally begin at 7:00 PM, unless someone is teaching a merit badge class, in which case the meeting will start at 6:30. Meetings usually end around 8:00 PM. During a normal meeting we will have the opening ceremony, talk about any recent activites or trips, have patrol meetings, learn skills, learn knots, have Scoutmaster's minutes, cover any additional material needed to be covered, and have the closing ceremoney in which parents and scouts alike joing together and say a blessing. The leadership then usually will have a brief meeting after the other scouts have been dismissed to discuss how the meeting went, what is planned for the next week(s) ideas that need to be talked about, and the like. The Older Scouts who drive (J.C., Adam, and Harry) most always go to Dairy Queen, or in the winter when DQ is closed, Udderly Delicious, for ice cream and just to hang out afterwords, this is not sponsered by the troops, but anyone who wants to come along and share in the good times is always welcomed, and can be given a ride if needed, just talk to a Older Scout.


Instilling the value of leadership is very important to Troop 231! We consider ourselves as a very Scout-run troop. During meetings our "adults" sit in the back of the room and do not address the troop except for the scoutmaster's minutes, or except for special circumstances. In every asspect we try to let the scouts learn and do for themselves instead of having adults step in and take over. Our current leadership team is as follows:

Senior Patrol Leader: J.C. Stevens
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Brandon Beckler
Patrol Leaders: Ben Stafford & Tyler Beckler
Scribe: Patrick Finger


Soon to come will be some pages with pictures from our meetings and recent camping trips so people can see who we are and what we do!


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This webpage has been created by J.C. Stevens (SPL) for Boy Scout Troop 231 of Hickory, North Carolina. Troop 231 is sponsored by First Presbyterian Chruch.