Paula's Page

I am the leader of Girl Scout Troop 279.
We are a Cadette/Senior troop in the Licking Valley Girl Scout Council.
I have been involved with Girl Scouting for 30 years - I started when I was a brownie and never stopped!
When I was a little girl, you had to be in the 2nd grade or 7 years old before you could become a Girl Scout!
(if you did the math right that makes me 37!)
This is the 3rd troop that I have been the leader of!

Right now I am REALLY excited because I have been elected as a delegate to the Girl Scout National Convention.
The convention runs from October 13 - 18 and is in Kansas City, Missouri!!
I have never been to the National Convention before and I can't wait to get there!
My council was allowed to send 4 delegates: the council president, a board member and 2 volunteers.
(I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the volunteers!)

Some of the things that I am interested in are: camping, reading, traveling and the theatre!

Some of my favorite things are: Girl Scouts, teddy bears, Mickey Mouse, Disney & the color purple!

I really love to travel!
I have traveled to Savannah, Georgia to visit Juliette Low's Birthplace 3 times so far!
The first time I went as part of an adult opportunity called "Savannah Sojourn".
My second time was a 9 day trip with my girl scout troop!
We stayed in a condo on Tybee Island and could swim in the ocean every day!
My third trip was a direct result of the 2nd trip.
I came back and told everyone in my neighborhood what a great time we had - what a mistake!!
They all said they would love to go, but would never be able to organize the trip.
Ding bat that I am - I said that I would organize it for the whole neighborhood!
I stopped the registrations at 54 people!
We chartered a bus and had a great time!!!

Some other great trips I have taken with the Girl Scouts include a 2 week trip through Europe.
We visited London, Paris and Adelboden (in Switzerland).
In London we saw everything - Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace,
Big Ben, and we got to stay at Pax Lodge!
We took a boat ride down the Themes!
We even got to ride the Chunnel from England to France!
In Paris we toured the Louvre!
We rode a boat down the Seine and saw Notre Dame!
We went up into the Eifle Tower - what a view!!
In Adelboden we visited Our Chalet!
What a beautiful country! What nice people!
We visited a wood carver who made the most beautiful things
I think everyone in the group bought one of his beautiful jewelry boxes!
He had one that played the Our Chalet song when you opened the box!

I also love to travel without my Girl Scout troop!
I love to take cruises to new and exotic places!
So far I have cruised the Southern, Eastern & Western Carribbean & Hawaii!
My other favorite non cruise destination is Disneyland!
I love Mickey Mouse! I have been to Disney 4 times so far!

I also love to camp!!
My troop just got back from a camping trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee!
We stayed 4 days and 3 nights!

So far this year my troop has camped out!
We have planned on a trip to COSI and L.O.G.O.
Each of the girls in my troop has chosen an IPP to present to the troop.
They will pick the requirements they wish to do and are responsible for leading the meetings when that IPP will be worked on.
That way they can earn lots of IPP and I don't have to take the flack for a boring meeting or IPP!!
I LOVE it!!!
We are also planning on participating in a Camping and Caving weekend with our council!!