Moving and Renovations

Because our sponsoring church needed room for expansion, our hut was relocated about two hundred yards to an adjacent vacant lot. The hut was made ready for the move late in the year 2000 by disabling the connections for the electrical and plumbing fixtures, stabilizing the structure, removing the stone from the chimney, removing the asbestos from the basement and jacking the building off of its stone foundations.

The move came March 29, 2001. The weather hardly cooperated as it rained heavily and steadily all day long. The specially-designed truck backed its bed into the basement and the jacks eased the structure down onto the truck. The truck simply, but slowly moved across Chestnut Street, through the church parking lot to the hut's new home.

Troop 2 resumed normal meetings in the hut early in August 2001. It was a long process but we thank our sponsors for caring so much about Troop 2 to save our home!
Scout Hut
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We are interested in old photos of our Scout Hut. If anyone has any old photos or has any information about memorabilia of our troop, please contact our Troop 2 Webmaster or contact the Scoutmaster. Thanks!