The Ultimate Adventure, Minooka Boy Scout Troop 464
The Ultimate Adventure
Minooka Boy Scout Troop 464
Chartered by Minooka Lions Club
Leading the way...
What does that mean?
Think about being a Cub Scout.  You came to den meetings and did a lot of different and fun things.  But who decided what to do and who planned the activities?  The Den Leaders, right?
Sports teams are a lot of fun, too.  But who decides who plays what position, who's on the starting lineup and when to substitute?  The coach, right?
There is one thing that makes Scouting different from all other youth groups.  Do you know what it is?
Well, it is not the uniform.  Every soccer, basketball, and baseball team has a uniform.
            It is not the fun activities.  There are a lot of other things that are fun.
                        And it certainly isn't cleaning dirty pots and pans on a campout!
What makes Scouting special is that YOU make the decisions!
So, are you ready to Lead the way?  We sure hope so!
Overview of Troop 464
Troop 464 is Chartered by Minooka Lions Club; member of Rainbow Council, Greater 5 Rivers District.
Meetings are held every Tuesday 6:30 PM to 8 PM at the Minooka United Methodist Church Annex on Massasoit St.
We do not meet during the Christmas and Spring break; however we do meet all summer.
There is a one time fee of $40.00.
Boys Life Subscription is included.
Boys pay $1.00 due, per week. It can be paid weekly, monthly, yearly. Half of this money goes to the scouts account which can be used for camping and trips.
Troop 464 has several annual fundraisers... Popcorn, Wreath Sales, CarWash. All scouts are encouraged to participate. Part of the money raised is put directly into the Scout accounts. We will have other fundraisers as needed.
We have ongoing recycling... ink cartridges, cell phones and aluminum cans.
Scout Necessities
Khaki Shirt (long or short sleeve) Council shoulder patch, Unit number, Red shoulder loops.
Scout Crossing over to Troop 464 will be awarded Neckerchief and slide at the Blue and Gold ceremony.
Once registered, they will be awarded their Boy Scout Book.
Optional -World scout crest emblem, Cap, Belt, Trousers or Shorts, Socks, Merit badge sash.
We have a small selection of experienced uniforms for any scout in need.  
Awards and Recognition
In addition to rank advancements and merit badges scouts are eligible to earn a number of other awards that reflect their achievements. Awards and recognitions are given at the Court of Honor which is held every 3 months.
Scouting is run by volunteers. Parent involvement is essential in keeping the Troop going. We are all parents,volunteering our time. Troop 464 holds its Committee and Leaders meeting at 7pm on the 3rd. Thursday of the month at the Minooka Village Hall.
Training is provided to all.