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Lenni Lenape District
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Hi and welcome to troop 549's website. Troop 549's mission is to get younger boys from age 11 or boys who have completed the 5th grade to join the troop. In our troop we meet mostly every Thursday and have one camping trip a month.On some campouts we go and camp with other troops and have competitions like shooting skills, scavenger hunts, orienteering, and many other skills learned in scouts. As a boy scout you will learn to do many skills such as tying knots, knowing what plants are edible and which ones aren't. Also you meet friends that you will probably know and see them in school and can do things outside scouts and school and will become very close. Also the adult leaders are very friendly and can help be a contact person for your resume/job applications, college resumes and help on your eagle project. If you are interested in joining contact us at our email thanks for stopping by sincerly the webmaster.
Eagle's from troop 549

    Commitee Members
Henry Stitsworth (Commitee Chairmen)
Jane Stitsworth
Donita Barringer
Cory Ruble
Brenda Schaefer
Roger Schaefer
Ray Sheldon
Lynn Wright
Troop 549 Youth List
Dylan Ryan
Caleb Barringer
(assistant patrol leader)
Justin Schrelick
Jon Sheldon
Uriah Guevara
Zachary Mehlek
(Senior Patrol Leader)
Eli Mehlek
Charter Representative

Daniel Fear

East Columbus United Methodist Church

Charlie Aigner
Troop 549 Adult Leaders
Tony Barringer

Assistant Scoutmasters
Roger Schaefer
(Unit Commissioner)

William Gordon
(Advancement Chairman)
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