Troop 83 Schedule 2006-2007 (All Troop meetings start at 6:30 and end at ~8:00) 9/20/06

7    NS roundtable (Roundtables are held at 7:00 PM at Second Cong. Church, 35 Conant St. Beverly)
11  PLC (6:30) (Monthly Patrol Leader Council meetings include ALL youth with leadership positions)
13 Troop meeting – All Adult Leaders to meet during this meeting
15-17 Camping/Recruitment, Camp Naumkeag, Salem (Trip Chair- Spang)
18  Committee Meeting (6:45)
20 Troop meeting (Adventure Bound planning and training & Bazaar Setup)
23 Bob Bouchard Eagle Court of Honor. Mass at 4:00 followed by ceremony
27 Troop meeting (Adv Bound Planning)
Night Shooting at Danvers rifle range (proposed: week of 25th-30th)

4 Troop mtg. (Adv. Bound planning and training Pack Trailer & Bazaar Takedown)
5  NS roundtable
6-9th Adventure Bound Camporee in Maine, (Trip Chair: Steve Dibble)
11  Troop meeting (complete any partial MBs from Adv bound, plan next day trip)
16  PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
18th Visit Camp Nyhan or Tour Friendship (instead of Troop meeting, time TBA)
25  Troop meeting

1 Troop meeting (plan Saugus trip, BOR)
2 NS roundtable
8 Troop meeting (pack trailer final planning for Saugus)
9 Salem City Council Meeting 7:00 PM Tom Furey organize (no school that day)
10-12 Camping at Camp Nyhan, COH on 11th, Saugus (Chair: Roger L, Stan U)
13  PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
15  Troop meeting
29  Troop meeting (Parents Drop off at Bowling Lanes for Bowling night. Charlie Hild)

6 Troop meeting (plan trip to Marc’s camp)
7 NS roundtable
8-10th Marc’s Camp – Winter camping & sled races (Trip Chair: Marc Gauthier)
13 Troop meeting
16 or 17 Ice Skating or Roller Skating or Swimming (TBA) Pauline Morency
18  PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
20 Troop meeting (Holiday Party)

3 Troop meeting (Do 2 merit badges this month, plan day ski trip)
4 NS roundtable
6    Day Ski trip- King Pine Ski Area. (Trip Chair: Steve Nickerson)
10 Troop meeting
17  Troop meeting (prepare for smelt trip)
22  PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
24  Troop meeting – Work on merit badges
26-28th (two days depending on tide) Smelt fishing trip (Trip Chair: John Martin)
31  Troop meeting (Set-up for Scout Sunday, BOR)

1 NS Roundtable
5 Scout Sunday (meet at 10:15 in church basement)
7 or 8  Ice Skating or Roller Skating or Swimming (TBA) Pauline Morency
14 Troop meeting (finalize Ski trip plans)
26 PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
28  Troop meeting (Ski Trip final planning and pack trailer)
Salem State Athletic Event (Date TBD – S. Dibble)

1    NS Roundtable
2-4 Ski Trip #2 – Easter Seals Camp (Trip Chair: Gene McCarthy)
7 Troop meeting
19  PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
21  Troop meeting
28  Troop meeting
Boston Sporting Event (Trip Chair: Ray Danjou)
4 Troop meeting (plan Washington trip)
5 NS Roundtable
11 Troop meeting (plan Washington trip)
14-19 WASH. D.C. trip during April vacation (Trip Chair: Steve Dibble)
23  PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
25  Troop meeting

2 Troop meeting (Prepare for NS Camporee)
9 Troop meeting
14   PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
16  Troop meeting (Prepare for NS Camporee)
18-20 North Shore Spring Camporee (Trip Chair: R. Danjou, Charlie Hildebrant)
23  LAST TROOP MEETING (BOR) (plan island camping and biking trips)
Go to watch Auto Racing (Day or evening trip) (Trip Chair: Lindsay Morsillo)

9   Island camping (with NH Troop 8. COH with P83) (Trip co-Chairs: Tim Clarke, L Spang)
12  PLC (6:30) and Committee Meeting (6:45)
27-29 Bike Trip on Cape Cod (Trip Co-Chairs: L. Morsillo, Bill Darmody)
Swimming or Rock Climbing or Mini Golf – events planned by boys