Fitting the Bumpers
Fit of the rear bumper Julian gave me.  He thought it was an OEM part; it's not.

Way to low on right side.
Way to high on right side.

I probably could work the height differences out, but don't want to try on a repro bumper, if possible.

That's my daughter Tess, my 12 yr old female gearhead.
As you can see, the bumper is twisted.

After consulting the VMF, they pointed out that I could move the rear bumper around quite a bit to help fitment.

Will try again with an OEM bumper.
I really liked the look down the front left fender, with the new emblems on.

My goodness, this paint job is growing on me!!
Here's a close-up pic of how I attached the front bumper side clip to the front fender hole.  I used a rubber washer and three stainless washers, then the bolt kit rubber gasket that's glued to the nutplate.
Here's a close-up of the underside of the right front bumper extension (around the right front fender).  I used the same washer build-up as on the left side.

See how nice and clean it is!
All assembled!

Unfortunately, the men who rechromed the front bumper overarched the right side a bit (see how the upper valance panel is not level with the bumper).  Probably no one but me will notice; however, when I get the car running, I'll need to have them re-arch the bumper to make it fit better.  That's a couple of years away, unfortunately...

They did an amazing job with the chroming though!!
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