Cowl Repair - Part 2
Completing the Repair and Repainting the Firewall
Both cowls are re-welded in, brushable seam sealer is applied, Eastwood Rust Encapsulator is applied and weldable primer is sprayed around the edges.
The inner cowl painted with DP90, two coats.
The upper cowl and a front upper valance piece are cleaned and painted with DP90.

Because of the low pressure the air compressor made over time, I could sandblast without worry of overheating and/or warping the metal surfaces.
I've re-welded all the upper cowl spot welds I could - I ran out of welding rod.  As you can see, there's more to do.
Here's a close-up pic of the re-welds.  It's alot of hot, sweaty work.
I have sandblasted and scrubbed the firewall and upper cowl clean of rust and old paint.  I wiped the surfaces down with degreaser, then...
...painted them with DP90 primer.
Here's another pic of the primered surfaces.  They turned out NICE!
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