Cowl Repair - Done!!
Some Roof Work too...
I've welded and ground down the remaining plugs and have re-attached the cowl-inner fender connectors.
Here's a close-up of the drivers cowl-inner fender connector.
Here's a close-up of the passengers cowl-inner fender connector.
I've sanded the temporary primer off the roof and prepped the bare metal for new paint.  I ran out of day to do more!

The air sander works well but takes a long time because of the air compressor's smaller size.
I've just applied the first coat of DP90.  Looks great - no waviness in the roof.  Yeah!

That funny-shaped "gouged" area in the forward edge of the "C" pillar is my attempts to re-weld cracked sheetmetal together again.
In this picture, the contrast between rattle can temp primer and the DP90 is very evident.

The car look s like a split personality.
The cowls are completely done!

Thanks to the VMF, I measured the distance to fit the windshield as 20.5" (after modifaction).  I needed to cut the overall height of the upper cowl by 1/* to 3/8"
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