Front Suspension #1
Here's a picture of the inside of the front shock towers, with the TCP UCA and Motor Mounts installed (sort of).

Please note I originally intended to use the 67/68 adjustable LCA pivot, so instead of a hole for the LCA, I've a slot.  The retention mechanism is on the ground, below.
This is a typical 2nd generation TCP UCA.  I installed it without shims, with a 1" Shelby drop in the shock tower (I used holes drilled for a previous stock UCA suspension rework).

Those are a set of Opentracker's roller spring perches.  I had to elongate the sprng perch holes (by 1/32") to align the bolt holes of the UCA.
The stock V8 spindle was cleaned and repainted with satin black paint.  I've also cleaned and painted the turn stop bracket.

The spindle itself is clean and lightly coated with grease, as a protectant.
The UCA, LCA and spindle are bolted together.

Interestingly, the LCA's rotate between the ball joint and rod end.  Therefore, to keep the LCA located rotationally in addition to axially, strut rods are required.
Underside of the LCA.  This 2nd generation LCA has a solid design for the rod end, thus minimizing the potential for rusting.

Getting these LCA's mounted to the unibdoy is difficult, as the unibody opening is tight, compared to the rod end width.
I've added the Street or Track strut rods in this picture.

Doesn't it look great?
It is important to orient the clevis as shown, to minimize bnding when the strut rod moes up and down.
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