Bodywork Pictures
Various Pictures for Julian to look at
These are some of the various piece parts that need painting.  Not shown, but also need to be painted are:
  - hood, trunk and door hinges
  - hood front latch assembly
  - water deflectors that go behind the front fenders (2 per side; I'll remove the rubber strips)
Julian -

As you can see, I've got the various pieces spread out and nothing installed in the car;  that should make it easier to mask.

I'm looking to have the backside of each piece painted, just to ensure long-term durability.  By the time you receive the car, every piece will have been:

  (a)  stripped to bare metal and coated with DP90LF
  (b)  bondo bodywork completed
  (c)  primed with white LCF primer

Additionally, all outside pieces (and also the underside of the trunk and hood) have been successively primered, with 80 grit, then 150 grit, then 220 wetsanded, and a final PCL primer coat layed on top for durability.

I'll need a final block sand, cleacoat, the 1966 Lt. Metallic Blue bc/cc combo, and possibly a 600 grit and polish.
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