Paint Process Pictures #2
Pictures of my car at Julian's Autobody -3/5/2005
These photo's were taken on 3/5/2005, after 13 days at the bodyshop.

They've completed block-sanding and have sprayed four coats of 1966 Silver Blue (Code Y) paint on most panels.  The body is sanded and the hood needs more bodywork on the underside trim (to eliminate voids).  The piece I'm holding (that's me in the black sweatshirt) has clearcoat on it, for me to give final approval of the color.  I love it!!

The purpose of spraying with a color coat is to find any remaining imperfections.  They'll be taken care of and repainted. this week. 

Hopefully by this weekend, the car will be fully assembled, painted in the color coats, and all panels in full alignment.  I will then "comb" over the car, finding any imperfections, dents, waves, panel lines not quite straight, etc...  When completed, then I give my approval that the car can be completed and reworked/ repainted then clear coated.  Four coats of color and four coats of clearcoat.  Obviously, there's color-sanding in between coats - or some of the coats!
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