Paint Process Pictures #3
Pictures of my car at Julian's Autobody -3/17/2005
These photo's were taken on 3/17/2005, after 23 days at the bodyshop.

Things are progressing at the rate I expected - slower than promised week-to-week but sufficiently fast for me.  I really like being involved in incrementally approving the painting process.

When you plan to get your car painted, double the estimated time it takes.  You shouldn't be disappointed if it "takes longer than expected", since you already planned on double the time.

As you can see, most of the panels are on the car and lined up.  The left front fender has a few alignment issues that need to be worked out, so that's why it's off the car.  Evidnetly, the front lower valance doesn't want to fit properly.  The painters found lots of mismatches that will be worked out - the most obvious being where the right front fender meets the windshield area (see pic above) - the curves don't match at all!  Additionally, the lines from the fender to the unibody near the windshield aren't uniform.

The lines on the car look very nice but still a bit rough.  They are doing a great job and the finished product will be terrific!  The lines and curves on the fiberglass hood match quite well with the car; the real test comes when the headlight buckets are put on:  will the lines of the front of the hood match the buckets.  Probably not!!

Julian anticipates that the car will be ready for final bodywork inspection - prior to final paint & clearcoat - on Saturday, April 2nd.  That seems about right to me.

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