Paint Process Pictures #5
Pictures of my car at Julian's Autobody - 5/14/2005
These photo's were taken on 4/29/2005, after 71 days at the bodyshop.

Other than small touch areas, the is done with bodywork.  A paint layer is needed to see any remaining imperfections, and that's what you see here.  Between my son and I, we found roughly 30 real (or percieved) smudges, streaks, etc... left in the paint that need to be taken out.

The fiberglass hood has holes for hood pins, and Julian reworked the front headlight buckets to properly match the grille.  Everything is marked, so this coming week, Julina will remove all body parts, wetsand them and apply finish paint and clearcoat.  He'll then wetsand the clearcoat and do the first (of three) passes with the buffwheel, each pass with a finer grade of wax.  I should expect to see swirl marks with the first pass of the buffwheel - good enough to then re-assemble the car.

The first two pictures show the finished inner rear seat covers, painted in the Silver-Blue color that matches the Lt. Blue/White Pony interior decor.  The finish is satin, as will the white dash and Silver Blue inner doors.

I think we're in the home stretch here!  Can't wait until Woosie is home... its been a long time.
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