Paint Process Pictures #6
Pictures of my car at Julian's Autobody - 5/21/2005
These photo's were taken on 5/21/2005.

The car has been painted with both color and clear coats!  The car has been colorsanded, which accounts for the dull finish.  The roof has been polished with the first "pass".  This pass leaves the paint shiny but also leaves swirl marks - I could see exactly what Julian was talking about.

I must say, though:  It does look good!  The car is very straight with little waviness, the seams match and the color looks great!

We've also decided to move the car into the backyard, with the cover on it.  We'll also buy a canopy to minimize sunlight damage.  I even got a new storage shed for the dogs today!! Big day at our house!

There's a good chance the car will be completed this week and delivered while I'm on a backpack.  Afterwards, I'll go pay Julian for all the work he's put in.

How do you like the picture of the  Cougar?  Nice, huh??
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