Paint Process Pictures #7
Pictures of my car at Julian's Autobody - 7/2/2005
These photo's were taken on 7/2/2005.

I didn't take too many pictures, mainly because the car is truly nearly done and I want to take some nice ones when Woosie comes home.

Delays at Julian's are attributed to lots of insurance work, which is OK by me.  I'm not in a hurry, so I trade quality for timeliness.  Insurance work provides alot more profit, so I understand when Julian needs to put my car aside.

As you can see, the dash is being readied to be painted slightly off-white, in satin, to match the Lt. Blue-n-White Pony interior.  The steering column has been painted, as well as the two end pieces.   Papa, the true painter (he's the gentleman behind the drivers door in the top picture, will paint the portion of the steering column that sticks into the engine compartment black.

Additionally, the interior panels will be repainted satin blue (matching the exterior paint color); this will get rid of any clearcoat overspray from exterio paint.

The car needs another colorsand to get rid of the orangpeel remnants.  Julian said he'd do this this week.

Lastly, Brad (fellow VMF'er martineb) came on by and took a look at the car.  He's considering having Julian do his car near the end of the year.  It was very nice to meet him - he's got a '65 GT Coupe that looks to be painted somewhere between red and maroon.  Nice color choices, Brad & SWMBO!
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