Paint Process Pictures #8
Pictures of my car at Julian's Autobody -8/27/2005
References to engine sizes has been modified as discussed below on 11/27/2005
The paint job only has a couple of small pick-ups and it's DONE!  It looks much better in person than on film.  The wetsanding left a very glassy surface, which is what I wanted, and the paint looks very deep.

I'm thrilled with the outcome and I'm very glad I switched back to a standard hood. 
Turns out I can still fit the 393W under that hood.  Here's how I plan to do it.

The car will be delivered to our home next Saturday, and I get to pay Julian for all his hard work.

Next steps:  put all the sundry chrome pieces on, re-chrome the bumper(s), window frames and such, then "button-up" the  inside.  There's no doubt I've another 2 years before Woosie will run again.
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