Bodywork - Part II
Fenders, Hood and Valance Panels
This is a picture of the hood, after some minor shipping rework and an initial 80 grit sanding of the PCL primer.

I thoroughly scuffed the wholes fiberglass surface prior to initial primer, [hopefully] aiding paint adhesion.
Both doors and both valance panels have been worked, primered and sanded with 80 and 150 grit and now have been recoated for 220 wetsanding.

When that happens, I'll truly know how flat the surfaces are.  Guidecoats don't tell the whole story!
Here's where I've stored the fenders, trunk lid and both doors.
The purpose of this picture is to show you what SWMBO must put up with!.  I do cover these parts, but they've been here on the patio for over a year!!

I'm SO ready to clean up the front yard.
New Pictures
A sight for sore eyes!

Fenders and a hood - haven't seen them on Woosie for about 2 years.

I'm test fitting the hood and fenders, to see how the hood fits.  It ifits well, following the fender curvature pretty well on both side.  There's a slight warpage to the hood, which will be removed with hood pins and the latch mechanism.
You cannot see it, but I'm paying for a mistake when I reattached the cowl.  Instead of indexing the cowl from its center, I indexed the cowl alignment from the passenger side.  The result:  the cowl is about 1/4" to the passenger side.  This caused me to modify the hood hinges to relocate the hood. The hood lines up pretty nicely; no trimming was necessary.
This is close-up of the drivers cowl-to-fender mating surfaces.  I've still some work making this set of lines run more smooth.  More importantly, I can easily see down towards the cowl, and it's not pretty.  More bodywork is in the works!
This is the same picture except on the passenger side.  You can clearly see additional bodywork is needed.

I'm not concerned about the inclusions in the windshield area; these will be filled with the black, sticky caulking material when i re-install the windshield.
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