Project Legroom - Part 3
The Final Installment
I've just plug welded the weld "rips" that occured when I used the chisel to break the welds.

I used an oxy-acetelene welder, partly because that's what the neighbor had (the price was right!) and I've used one before - about 20 years ago!!
I cut four pieces of 16 gauge steel plugs, tacked on some welding rod, and set the plugs into the factory original access holes, in order to fill them.  These 1.5" holes are used to gain access to the seat track nutson the underside of the seat pans.

It turned out quite nice, IMHO.
The seat pan is in!!

I made sure to weld smooth radii at each corner and sharp edge, to minimize the possibility of stress cracks in the future.
Check out those seam welds, huh?  I'm very confident that the seat pan won't surprise and break on me, ever.
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