Steering Column Installation
In this picture, you can see I've installed the steering mechanism ("the spear").  The three bolts holding the steering box in place on the frame are not tightened; once the stering tube is in place, I'll tighten these bolts.
The three screws holding a flat rubber gasket and metal retaining ring to the firewal is attached but loose, to allow for ease of installation.

Please note the order of assembly to insert the steering tube:  (1) firewall pad, (2) that oblong moulded rubber gasket and (3) the flat gasket.  The rubber pieces slid up and down the tube better when I applied a little bit of vegetable oil - nice an slippery.
Actaully, the first item down the spear was the rubber end fitting to the steering tube.

Sorry for the fuzzy pic!
The oblong rubber piece pushes very snugly against the flat rubber gasket, forming a waterproof seal.  Eveyrthing is tightened downa nd in place in this picture.
The firewall pad is attached.  Yes, I'm using the moulded one - and it fits better.
The steering box and tube are installed, except for at the dash.

I won't install the rest of the suspension until the motor is in, whenever that is!
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