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Troop 88's Web Ring a web ring that is used to bring together all kinds of scouting web sites. This web ring promotes quality scouting of any kind: ex. Boy, Girl, Cub Scouting. If you would like to join the webring, click the link below.


1. Requirements to join:

In order for you to join the ring your page:

Must have at least 80 - 90% of a "Scouting Theme".

You must have a site that is well maintained. NO BROKEN IMAGES OR LINKS.

The code must be located within the Page listed in the ring system."

You MUST add the complete coding within 5 days.


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Here is what it should look like:


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This Scouting site is owned by: Troop 88 Webring
The Troop 88's Scouting WebRing
is owned by: Troop88 Webring

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Ring Created 08/20/1999
We moved to this site - 3/08/2003

last updated 1/5/04