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Welcome to Senior Girl Scout Troop 1728's LEGENDS Webpage!!

We decided to take advantage fof the Face Painting opportunity at the Yorba Linda Business Expo and Classic Car Show on Saturday, April 28th from 10 to 3pm to begin our fundraising for Hawaii 2008. If you can help we can use more face painters, even for 1 hour!!! Lunch is provided by the Chamber of Commerce for volunteering if we get your name to them by Friday :)

Today Sydney and Megan decorated the donation jar with a cool looking palm tree and an even cooler hula girl. We also planned out the pages of our troop scrapbook and plan on working on scrapbook pages for the next two weeks.

Megan delivered our 12 polar fleece blankies to the Program Center last Saturday for our community service. Don't you girls wish you all made one to keep? We had cute Binky Patrol labels that we sewed on each corner as well as our troop name and number.

Sunday Danielle and Megan went to Boating Practice at Newport Dunes! What great weather they had. They practiced their boating skills in preparation for GAM in 4 weeks. They have their canoeing and kayaking skills fine tuned now. Next boating practice is Sunday, May 6th from 1-4pm. Let us know if you want to attend. Cost is $2. The girls even got in some knot practice too! I think we're going to do really well on the Marlinspike (Specialized Knots). They learned the Turkshead and the Monkey's Fist knots. Alyssa came by on Tuesday and honed her Code Flag skills....Alpha...Lima...Yankee...Sierra...Sierra...Alpha...That's code flag talk for spelling Alyssa!!!

    Aloha Hawaii Planning is coming!!! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 23rd to listen to our friend share about the fun places to visit and share travel planning tips. We'll be talking about:
  • What to do?
  • Costs?
  • Length of Stay?
  • When to travel?
  • When to make final reservations?
  • Fundraising?

Don't forget we need to take the College Girls camping!!! :)

GAM is only 4 weeks away!!! We're partnering with Fusions again this year for GAM 2007, May 18 - 20th! Sailing practice is this Sunday 5/6. We have signed up Danielle, Megan, Alyssa and Nida for 4/22 and Danielle, Megan and Alyssa for 5/6. Check the links and practice your code flags and knots. Do we want to set our goal to get to the next rank flag from last year? We won a Schooner Flag with 141.5 points last year. If we want to move up to Brigantine we need a minimum of 180 points. We hear that Fusions is practicing hard. What's our goal??? It's not too late to sign up to come to GAM and help us reach our goal!!! Shannon, did you find the Sea Shanty? We have lots to refresh ourselves on! We can do it!!!

Here's our next training dates:

  • Sunday, April 29th 1-4pm, at the McGilvery's
  • Sunday, May 6th 1-4pm, GAM Boating Practice, Newport Backbay. Cost $2
  • Sunday, May 13th 1-4pm, at the McGilvery's
  • Semaphore and Code Flag Tests are fun. Check out the links to the left and practice, practice, practice!!!

  • Save These Upcoming Dates:
    • Saturday, April 28th - Face Painting @ YL Car Show 10-3pm.
    • Monday, May 14th - Gold Award Recognition - CELEBRATING ALYSSA AND DANIELLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!
    • Wednesday, May 30th - Court of Awards - Last Official Troop Meeting of the year!
    • Friday, June 22nd - Mother/Daughter Beach Bonfire, 6-10pm

      Send any song in MP3 format and we'll get it up on the website!

      Make sure to sign the guestbook with any suggestions that you want to make for the website. Thanks!!!

  • Next Meeting: Wed. 5/2/07 at 3:00pm

    We'll be scrapbooking on the Troop Scrapbook with fun Girl Scout paper and Girl Scout stickers Miss Pam found.

    We don't want you to miss the fun. See you Wednesday!!!

    Important Links:
    GAM-Code Flag Test
    GAM-Semaphore and Code Flag Test
    GAM-Morse Code Test
    GAM-Knot Definition Test
    GAM-Animated Knot Tying
    Orange County Girl Scout Council
    Troop 330's website
    Orange County Girl Scout Council
    Girl Scout Cookie website
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