Things individual scouts need on overnights, but often forget:
1) Personal, individual mess kit (pot, cup, plate combination)
2) Eating Utensils  (kits are sold where knife, fork, spoon fasten together)
3) Drinking cup (one often comes with mess kit)
4) Extra pair of sneakers and socks, wrapped in plastic bag to keep them waterproof
5) Gloves & Hat (during October through April)
6) Toilet paper (half roll)
7) Pocket knife (official Scout knife or other "lock-back")
8) Tot'n' Chip Certification Card (if you have earned one)
9) Compass (orienteering compass strongly recommended)
10) Handbook and pen
11) Pancho/raingear
12) Towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste
13) 2 large "lawn and leaf size" plastic bags

Things Patrols need for camping trips, but often forget:
1) Brillo or other scouring pads
2) Paper towels
3) Cooking Utensils
4) Wooden kitchen matches
5) Shortening or oil and condiments for cooking
6) Soap for pot bottoms
7) Matches, propane and mantles for lantern
Things Scouts Often Forget
Troop 267 Camping Tips
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