My BA story....

I had my first ba in April of 2000. I got saline unders 615ccs with a benelli lift nipple incision. My body didn't agree with the saline implants, they were extremely firm and I had capsular contracture on the left side so I needed a redo. My 2nd surgery, and hopefully my last, I went with 700ccs silicone overs, February 27, 2001.
Most of my research was done at Nicole's site, I decided to go with overs this time after reading differing opinions. I had originally wanted overs but was told that unders were much better at preventing contracture which I've found to be untrue. I also didn't like the feel of the unders, stiff and hard with no mobility. I couldn't achieve the amount of cleavage I'd had before augmentation. I'm hoping that my new overs will be soft, bouncy, full, round and movable. The outcome is still undetermined....progress photos will be added as frequently as possible.
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