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New Game! Well, I know this isn't much but I have finished coding the Ice Hockey game. Its for 2 players only. A good simple game to beat your friends with. If there is alot of feedback and stuff, I could possibly make a single player mode for it. Still working on Lubber. Go to the games page to download "Trooper Hockey League" and the projects page to see some screens of lubber. - July 22, 2002

Well... Since it's summer now, I have begun to work on games again. I just wanted to let you know that the hockey game has been stopped, but will probably be turned into a simple 2 player hockey game (no AI/Computer or Single Player Mode). I have been working on the other game and it is actually looking pretty good. I havent gotten bored of it yet so there is a very likely chance that I will finish it within this month if not before the end of summer. -Jul 15, 2002.

As you can see, I have redesigned the page again. It keeps me busy when I get bored of working on games. I have been working on the hockey game. Its coming along nice. Hope you all have a happy new year and stuff. I'll try to update more often with news and progress. - December 31, 2001

Cleared out the news page again and added all of the previous entries to the past updates section. I also created a misc section on the left side bar for things that I don't have a place to put yet. So far there is only my small animation of the WTC crash and the hockey game early beta. I keep starting all these projects that I may never finish one but don't worry, I have been working specifically on only two. Also added the WTC sprites to the sprites page. Added a banner for you people to link me with on the links page. - October 20, 2001

Well. I added some art to the art section (Yes, they suck =]). I also made this small movie of the Terrorist Attack (it was made with GOOD intention). More coming soon. - September 23, 2001

After a very long summer vacation and relaxing break I am finally back and getting ready to work on some games. I already have some stuff planned out. If you wanna leave me any feedback or suggestions please email me. I also have a very early demo. Its for the Power Play Ice Hockey game. It is still buggy because I am working on it, but I got a good part of the main characters engine done. You can get it here (press enter to pass the main blank screen). I also put up some sprites. - September 20, 2001

Uploaded most of the files and added some more tutorials. I should have the music one and some sprite ones up soon. The specific games pages and screenshots will be loaded in a few days. - July 2, 2001

Welcome to the new Trooper Software Website. I have changed the site yet again, but I wont be changing this one for at least another year unless everyone really feels that it is bad. Well check out all the pages because I changed most of them a lot. If some of the links dont work, they will very soon. I am in the process of uploading all these files. - June 20, 2001

I added the cncs232.dll. You can get it in the games sections. It will be on the right side bar. Later. - Apr 27, 2000

Finally! I have finished a game. Shotgun Shells: Alien Attack was completed a few nights ago but I couldnt put it up until I came back from vacation. Go download it at the game section and have fun. I would appreciate any emails about what you liked/disliked about the game. - Apr 23, 2000

I changed the layout and have been working on the games a little bit. Check out the games and art sections because I have added a lot to them. I will only leave up the 2 most recent updates on this page (main news). For past updates visit the old news page. Bye. Until Mid-June don't expect much to happen. - Apr 12, 2000

I have been and will be very busy until summertime. I will work on my games as much as possible but probably nothing much will happen until after track is over. About that small quick game, its very close to being completed but with the lack of time available it wont be out for a little while. I added a link. Its my friends site. Expect updates to happen every 2 weeks or something. - Mar 4, 2000

Sorry. I have been really sick for the past 2-3 weeks. It was terrible just to wake up everyday let alone go to school and do work. Well, I haven't had much time to work on anything and this update is just to let you know that I am still alive. I am making a small quick game that I can put on my site so you people can actually download something and play. It should be done soon. I also added a new link. It's my friends site but isn't related to game making but rom hacking and stuff like that. Check it out, bye. - Feb 2, 2000

Made a few little changes to the site and added the old news text file so that the main page wont be cluttered up too much. I am pleased to announce that DaTurtleCool and I will be working as a team very soon to bring you great games. If you haven't been to his site check the links section or just click here. On a different note, I probably will not finish Ollie: A Skateboard Game because it didn't seem very interesting and I really didn't want to do it anyways. At least I got used to the MMF interface. I am working on a new game (not with DaTurtleCool yet). This next one is much more interesting and is going to be a lot more fun that Ollie. More info on this game in the near future. - Jan 19, 2000

I have changed the site to Trooper Software. I am working on a lot of things so dont expect many updates soon. Also, I might be combining forces with someone. - Jan 13, 2000

I changed the site alot today and I think it will be like this for a while. I worked on the game a little and its coming along pretty good. I will also be working on another "project" so news on "Ollie" might not be as frequent. - Jan 4, 2000

Happy New Years! I changed the site just a little (the side mainly) and might add a little more as time goes on. I haven't been working on the games too much because I was at a couple family parties and I also got sick for about 3 days. Once I finish up the rest of my school work I'll have the rest of vacation to work on the games. Peace - January 1, 2001

Merry Christmas. I am still working on my game. I am going to make a side scroller version as well as the overhead version. I put up some screen shots of the over head version. More info on the games coming soon! - December 25, 2000

Hi. Welcome to Chinese Bowl Productions. This is the page where I, HiHi Surprise (formerly ShitMonger), will work on when there is nothing to do at Eternal Night. Here I will make games that are for you to download and play with. They may not be the biggest and fanciest games but I think that the most simple yet attractive games are the best. I will also put up sprites that I draw during my free time or sprites that I use in my games so you can RIP THEM OFF =] Just Kidding. Anyways check out the pages and see what I have up. There will always be more so check back when you can. I know this page is simple but I don't have much time and it's faster to load anyways. Bye. And thanks for visiting. - December 1, 2000








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