:::welcome to troopofbadgers:::

well this is the new layout of troopofbadgers, hope you like it.
only a few of the links work at the moment, all updates can be found in the
news area.

we guess we should try to describe this site a bit. 
it hasn't really got a point at all.  we don't really know why we made it, boredom i guess.  we hope that as time goes on, as we add more and more content it may become vaguely interesting.  because at the moment we are aware of how boring it is.
of course, suggestions always help and we like to hear all criticism, whether positive or negative, feel free to display it on the guestbook, forum or e-mail us.  we just reserve the righty to verbally abuse you if you say anything that we think is to mean.  also, we have to remind all previous visitors, and inform all new ones, that all meany meany mungbean comments add up on a tally chart against you, and when you get to hell satan will be levelling that score with the number of times he twists that big ol' mean pitchfork up your arse.  k?

well, you have fun now.  and remember play nice...

gladys & maude x