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How many times did you lose one of those yellow sticky pieces of paper left lying on your desk?  Needed a reminder but never got it because it fell off your calendar or out of your diary?  Now you can have an alarm on your PC's desktop to remind you about your meeting or appointment.  Remember that contact information or phone number at the right date and time.  The alarm goes off with its chime and you are reminded until you cancel the alarm.
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Just click on the link below to download The Note Jotter by Trophysoft.

You can use the jotter for up to 50 notes before having to purchase a license to carry on using it.
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To get more information about The Note Jotter:
The Note Jotter is an easy-to-use note jotter of the sticky note type.  When you need to be reminded about a sticky note? Simply click on the Bell button and choose when you want to be reminded.  At the appropriate time a chime will alert you to the note.  You can use different font faces, sizes and colors.  Supports rich-text-file (RTF) attributes.  A two-month-view calendar popup is also supported by a single click on the toolbar. The reminder facility can be set for various different time scales.