02-26-2001:  In what can only be described as a tragic event Trophy Wives, and the world, lost Michael Nicole Smith this weekend.  While details are still not fully known it is believed that Michael died while doing what he loved, nothing.   He will be missed, and Trophy Wives will go on.

01-17-2001: We'll be playing February 21st at Davey's Uptown with the Stella Link.  They're a great band and we're looking forward to the show.  We need as many people as possible to come out so that we can get booked again at Davey's on better nights.  So please come check it out.  It's only $4 and hopefully we'll start early because, like everyone else, we have real jobs.

01-03-2001: Thanks to our pal Tim, from National Fire Theory, we got our first show out of the way playing with National Fire Theory and Jade Raven at the last show ever at Club 301 on 12/30/00.  Check out a review of the show at TooMuchRock and thanks to TooMuchRock we also now have pictures.

11-16-2000: Trophy Wives MP3's available at These were recorded in a basement on a 4-track with 2 mics so they are not a superior production.  We'll be heading into the studio eventually for real recordings. Thanks.