Superior Tropical Fish

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Superior Tropical Fish is Here to make your life easier. We offer quality fish for less. We are a private group of breeders located in Southern California who have come together to offer you breeding quality Tropical fish at wholesale prices.  We specialize in Tropical fish that are difficult to obtain.  If you don't see the fish you are looking for on our list Please ask us. We offer shipping to all of the USA. Buyer pays actual shipping cost.

Tropical Fish For Sale

African Cichlids

Other Cichlids


 Goldfish and Koi

Breeding Pairs for Sale

Breeding pair of Albino Aulonocara $40.00

* Beeding Coloney of Snow white Socolofi 2-Males 2-Females(one is holding eggs now) $40.00

* Breeding pair of Gold Occelatus $40.00

Please E-mail with any questions Superior Tropical Fish Thank you for your interest.

Superior Tropical fish

10162 Ascot Cir.

Huntington Beach California 92646