Chapter 1:

*Begin flashback*

    "Class, please take your seats and give a warm welcome to our new student, all the way from New Jersey, Katelynn." Mrs. Faye Said.  As Katie looked around the class and saw all the bright smiles she was receiving, right then she knew she would fit in. Katie took the empty seat next to an adorable blonde. Katie couldn't help but notice what beautiful baby blue eyes he had. They just sparkled from the sunlight shining through the classroom windows and how his flowing blonde hair was just, just perfect. Suddenly, he turned to her.

“Hi, I'm Nick.”
“Hi, I'm Katelynn but you can call me Katie.”
“Welcome to Florida. I'd love to show you around a few spots around here, if you would like to? Nick asked.”
“Sure, I...”

   Mrs. Faye then interrupted Katie.  "Nick and Katelynn, would you like to share it with the rest of the

“No, We're sorry.” They both chimed in.
“I'll talk to you after school, Nick.”  Katie whispered to him.

   School just flew by and the 3pm bell rang. Katie walked to her locker and saw Nick standing there.

“What are you doing here? How...” Katie began to ask.
“Well, uhmm, it's called a locker and you put your books in it.” Nick joked.
“Oh, very funny. I know what a locker is! But you're standing in front of mine!”
“Well, look at that, my locker is right there-we must have lockers next to each other.”
“Oh kool! So, are you still up for that mini tour you promised me?” Katie smiled.
“Of course! I mean, yeah....sure.”  Nick said trying to impress his friends.

    Nick and Katie walked for about an hour. Nick pointed out all the local landmarks.

“So, where did you move?” He asked.
“Uhmm, Seaview Court.” She told him.
“No way! I live at 5 Seaview.”
“That's awesome, Nick!”
“Yeah, it is....Howdy Neighbor!”
        They both laughed.

   As Nick and Katie waked home, Nick reached for Katie's hand. She didn't resist. It sends a warm sensation up Katie's spine. Once they reached their houses, they said goodnight and Nick kissed her with his soft rosy lips.  Katie just stood in awe. She was speechless for the first time in her life.

“Well, will you walk with me to school tomorrow?” Nick asked.
“Ah, uhmm, I, I'd love too.” Katie finally said.

    Katie and Nick were together for about one year when the news they never wanted to hear came true.
                                        I need to talk to you after school-Meet me at the docks.
                                                             Love, Nick "
That was the note left in Katie's locker. Katie also had news to tell Nick too. But it just wasn't gonna be easy. She finally reached the docks. Nick was just standing there, with the sunlight again making his eyes sparkle, holding a single red rose. As Katie wrapped her arms around Nick, she made a funny comment, otherwise she may have cried with the thought of her news.

“You know, I only like white roses, but this red one will have to do.” She joked.
“Well, I could always give it to my other girlfriend!” He snapped back as he started to tickle Katie.

“Nick Carter-you betta stop!”
“Ok, I will but only because I have news to tell you.”
“Nick, I have news for you too.” Katie said as she lowered her head.
“Oh, we'll you go first then babe.” He said.
“Ok, well...” she began as tears formed in her eyes.
“C'mere babe. I'm here for you.”  Nick said as hugged her so tight.

   Katie then began to tell him that her father decided to go back to live in Jersey and that she was moving back right after school ends. Nick stood silent as a tear flowed from his eye.

“What? How, How will I see you?” He yelled out.
“I, I don't know. Maybe during holidays and we can always write and phone each other. But I don't wanna cry, what's your news?” She said as she wiped her face as Nick grabbed her hand.
“ those guys AJ, Howie and I were doing all those music auditions...” He began to say.
“Well, we got signed to a mini-record label!”
“Oh Nick! That's just awesome! You have a beautiful voice-just imagine my boyfriend will be a 'Superstar'.”
   They stood there laughing and hugging. Nick soon told Katie that the group will be based in Orlando and that's where he'll be all summer. Nick and Katie spent their last day together at their favorite spot on the beach. They talked about all good times they had shared and of course, cuddled & kissed. Finally, they started to walk home and as they approached their house, Nick stopped.

“Katie, I want you to have this.” He said as he opened a small box, which contained a gold-circle band ring.   
“This will be our symbol to always remember our love and friendship, I got a matching one for me too.”
“Oh, wow. Nick...its absolutely beautiful! Thank-you so much!   I love you.”
“I love you too.”
    Soon, the day they both were dreading arrived.

“Mom, where is Nick?! Why hasn't he come to say good-bye yet?! And what if Dad wants to leave before he comes?!” Katie yelled.
“Well, just calm down Katie!” Her mother yelled back.
“How can I calm down when my boyfriend isn't here to say goodbye and Dad is ready to leave?!” She snapped.
“Just look behind you!” Nick said.
“I thought you were gonna miss seeing me off cuz my Dad wants to leave now!” She said as she turns to see Nick there holding a white rose.
“I wouldn't miss seeing you off if the world depended on it.” He said as he hugged her.
   Katie and Nick kissed, hugged & hugged for what seemed like an eternity. Finally her Dad had enough. "Katelynn Nicole, you better get your butt in this car right now!" He yelled.  Katie & Nick said their final good-byes and kissed one last time. They tried to keep in touch but the long-distance relationship just wasn't they agreed to end the relationship but always remain friends.
                  *End Flashback*

                                    *End of Chapter 1*

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