Chapter 19:

                ~At The Hotel~

            “C’mon we gotta get you dressed.” Ally said pulling Katie out of her room with Brian, “And we need all the time we can get.”
            “It’s that time already.” Katie said looking at Brian before she kissed him, “See’ya later babe.”
            “Yeah, I’ll be the one standing at the altar.” Brian laughed, “I love you.”
            “I love you too.” Katie said before Ally dragged her out of the room, “This is all so exciting! Thanks Ally helping. Wait! I need my dress and stuff from your room.
            “My servant took care of all of that already.” Ally giggled.
            “Servant?” Katie smiled as they rode the elevator down to the bride’s dressing room.
            “Yea, also known as, AJ.” She laughed.
            “You treat him so bad!” Katie joined in laughing.
            “Oh, please, he loves every minute of it.” Ally smiled as they entered the bridal room where AJ was waiting.
            “You girls are never on time for anything!” AJ joked, “Not even for your own wedding.”
            “We always need to make things interesting.” Katie smiled at him.
            “And I have a feeling things are gonna get quite interesting later.” AJ said as Ally slapped him.
             “You mean at the reception?” Katie questioned.
             “Oh yea, that’s what I meant.” AJ said rubbing his arm.
             “You better go now, AJ!” Ally said pointing to the door, “Before you cause any trouble…go help Brian!”
             “Okay, see you ladies later.” AJ said as he left the room to go help Brian prepare.

                     ~AJ & Brian~

             “Brian, man, you still in here?” AJ asked walking into his hotel room.
             “Ah, yea Bone…I’m back here.” Brian yelled from his bedroom.
             “Lookin’ good my man,” AJ laughed.
             “Thanks…but I can’t seem to get this tie!” Brian said fumbling with it, “I’ve always had Katie, your mom, or my mom do it for me.”
             “Let me do it!” AJ said walking over to his best friend.
             “Thanks again, so how do I look?” Brian modeled for AJ.
             “Oh my…” AJ started to sniffle, “You look so beautiful.”
             “Shut-up, man!” Brian laughed, “The girls ready?”
             “Sorry, I couldn’t resist it.” AJ flashed him a smile as his phone rang, “And relax! Just give Katie all the time she needs, she wants to look perfect.”
             “I know…get your phone!” Brian laughed.
             “Oh yea,” AJ answered, “Hello?”
             “Hey, it’s me. I’m on my way to the hotel.” Nick said from his taxi.
             “Oh hey Mom…that’s really good.” AJ said.
             “I ain’t your mom, man. What’s up with you?” Nick said.
             “Yea, I am with Brian right now…so I’ll meet you downstairs in 5 minutes, ok?” AJ said hoping Nick would get it.
             “Oh, oh, I get it. Meet ya there.” Nick said hanging up.
             “Your mom alright?” Brian asked.
             “Oh yea, she’s fine…just can’t seem to find the bridal room. I’m gonna go help her.” AJ said walking towards the door, “Want me to walk you outside to the beach?”
             “Yeah, sure, I have everything I need, let’s go down to my wedding.” Brian smiled.
                    AJ and Brian headed down to the site of the wedding. It’s was now about 4:15pm. There they meet up with Kevin, Kristin, Howie and his date, Tanya. AJ knew he could leave Brian here and not have to worry because they would all be busy with the pastor.

                   ~Ally & Katie~

              “Time is just flying by…It’s almost 4:30pm. Almost time!” Ally said trying to be excited for Katie but also freaking out because Nick hasn’t arrived yet.
              “I can’t believe this day is here and I’m about to be married!” Katie squealed, as there was a knock on the door.
                    Ally thought it was Nick but turns out she was wrong when she heard the voice of the man she loved.

              “Ladies, is it clear for a guy to enter?” AJ asked.
              “Yeah, babe, come on in.” Ally said.
              “Wow, Katie, you look beautiful.” AJ said spinning her around, “If my girl wasn’t here…I’d…just playing!” AJ smiled.
              “Aww, Thank-you sweetie.” Katie smiled and hugged him.
              “Ally, can you help me with my tie?” AJ asked.
              “Sure…be right back, Katie.” Ally said as they went to the bathroom.
              “N is on the way for K.” AJ whispered.
              “For real?!” Ally squealed, “He better get here in time!”
              “Sssh! He will!” AJ whispered again, “Just fix my tie, so we can go back out there and act normal.”
              “Your right.” Ally smiled as they went back to Katie.
              “So, I better go back to the boys and re-assure Brian that you are just fashionably late, Katie.” AJ said.
              “Thanks AJ, for everything, you’ve been there for me.” Katie said kissing his cheek.
              “No problem.” AJ starts to open the door, “Love you babe.” He said as he kissed Ally before he pulls the door fully open.

                   In the doorway, with his hands in knocking position, was Nick. Katie was fixing her veil in the mirror and out of the corner of her eye, she sees Nick at the door.

               “Oh My God!” Katie turns to face him, “What the hell are you doing here?!”
               “Oh My, gotta go!” Ally yells and grabs AJ as they run out of the room and stand guard outside.
               “You go stall the guys while Nick works on her and I’m gonna try to sneak a listen!” Ally said as AJ nodded and left.

               “Please Katie,” Nick pleaded to her, “Lemme just talk to you for a minute. I have to tell you so much.”
               “Get away Nick!” Katie yelled from behind the bathroom door. She had locked herself in there. “I don’t wanna see you anymore. I’m gonna marry Brian and that’s final!”

~End of Chapter 19~

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