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The articles of my current completed projects are stated below. Some of the files may take more than 3 minutes to download.

a) Christian Views -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Did Jesus exist?
Is Jesus Divine or God? (Size: 371.1KB)
Is Bible the Word of God? (Size: 47.4KB)
Ancient Church found at Megiddo, Israel

Bible Versions

How so many Bible versions come into existence?
Which Bible Versions is close to original manuscripts?
Why KJV is still most reliable English Bible?
ESV is examined against the Majority Text KJV


Salvation Plan of God
Historical Facts about Resurrection of Jesus

b) Muslims Views - FAQ

Life history of Muhammad
What Indeed Jesus said?


c) Christianity & Islam Views

Is Jesus Son of God? And Is He the all-powerful God? (Size: 374.8KB)
Is Trinity Concept Biblical?
Is there original Sin?
Is Muhammad a true prophet of God?
Is Allah not the same GOD of the Bible?
Is the Holy Bible truly corrupted as commonly claimed by Muslims?
Is Pauline doctrine in conformity with Jesus' Gospel?
Are there contradictions in Quran?
Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus
Fundamental beliefs of Christianity and Islam
Gospel of Barnabas -- Is it a Gospel to prove that Quran or Bible is in error?
Why Muslims should not believe Gospel of Barnabas?
Is the Holy Bible from inspiration or from revelation?


Islam and Christianity have nothing in common By Abdullah Al Araby 


Projects under progress:

Is Evolution true?
Chronology of the life of Jesus



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