First, I must make a special note about images.  I allow you would-be Castlevania site authors to make use of whatever you find here, but some of my images aren't perfect.  I may or may not fix them in the future.  Don't pester me about it, or the answer will be a no.  Also, just because I have said yes doesn't mean other CV sites always will.  Two sites in particular, the CV Dungeon and the CV Pages are very vehement about maintaining their game graphics as theirs alone, so if you've been stealing their images, or anyone else who says no, you must respect their wishes even if you personally think they're uncle ----ers. Stop before it gets you in serious trouble!  Like, forced site shutdown, possible civil and criminal action. Don't make the same mistake I did. If you are truly ambitious about your CV site dream here is a link to an archive of free, share, and trial image editing software at Media Builder.  Use it well. Oh, and don't even think of linking my images, or I'll have to get medieval on your a--!  If you want to provide these images, you do it on your own server space.  Okay, I'll shut up now, you may proceed.
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