Pandora PX-2 Patches

NOTE (12/14/07): Going to have to update this site. Maybe over the holiday!

Pandora PX-2 Patches

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Samples: All of the links are 22K Stereo MP3 samples. This keeps them around 100K for downloading (written pre-DSL and trying to stay within space constraints!). I broke a string on the end of the Bad Co sound. It was the last one and close enough. Nevermind the playing, just listen to the tone!

These were all done recording directly into my computer sound card with just the Pandora and Goldwave software ( This is a great program from very simple to very complex. Whatever you need it for.

Just goofing around was done using the nTracks software and the following sound patches: Air TB, T Mad, and T Tone (solo).

Name Drive Lvl Tone Mod Lvl Amb Lvl Cab Lvl NR Level
T Tone Hot Box 30 L 10/H 10 Chorus1 1 Echo4 22 Stack1 8 11 23
Clean 1 Comp 3 L 9/H 11 Chorus1 15 Echo3 7 Stack1 8 18 25
T Rhy Hot Box 30 L 10/H 10 Chorus1 1 Delay1 1 Stack1 8 11 23
Air TB Comp 12 L 8/H 13 Chorus1 15 Echo6 13 Off   8 20
Vio TB Valve 20 L 10/H 10 Off   Echo3 18 Stack1 8 14 23
T Mad Higain 30 L 10/H 10 Off   Echo3 20 Stack1 8 18 23
Cln Vrb Comp 3 L 9/H 11 Off   Hall 29 Stack1 8 18 25
Cln Dly Comp 3 L 9/H 11 Chours1 15 Echo6 25 Stack1 8 18 25
T Bottom Hot Box 30 L 10/H 10 Off   Pitch7 -12 Stack1 8 11 23
Funk 59 Comp 3 L 9/H 11 Chorus2 10 Off   Stack1 8 30 23
Bad Co Hot Box 30 L 10/H 10 Off   Echo6 20 Stack1 5 18 16
Mesa Cl Comp 3 L 9/H 11 Off   Delay1 8 Stack1 8 18 25
Eddie Hot Box 30 L 8/H 6 Chorus1 2 Echo3 4 Off   6 30
BoutLuv Hot Box 30 L 8/H 6 Chorus1 10 Echo3 14 Off   6 30
Ton Rck Hot Box 30 L 10/H 10 Off   Off   Stack1 8 11 23
Cln Rck Comp 3 L 9/H 11 Off   Off   Stack1 8 18 25
Mic 1 Comp 15 L 8/H 8 Off   Room 4 Off   18 24

Some of my favorite player tones (10 second samples in no particular order):

Dann Huff - Giant
Steve Lukather - Los Lobotomy's/Toto
Eric Johnson
John Sykes - Whitesnake
More soon!


The trick that I have found in setting up the Pandora to get "your sound" is to start with it dry. Once you get the basic tone start adding the grease slowly to match what you are hearing out of your amp (or the radio). Always start with a good solid tone as the foundation. Without this, the rest is meaningless!

Also, I create all of the tone using headphones. I use Radio Shack model Optimus Pro 25. These are not expensive headphones, about $30 USD, but they work okay for me. You will probably use different ones, just use a decent quality pair. I find that this (using headphones) works well because if I create the tone this way there is not any "extra baggage" from mixing boards or amplifier setups. I can take the PX-2 and plug it in anywhere (mixing board, PA system, amplifier etc) and adjust the power amp for the sound, not the PX-2. This way my patches don't get hosed from board to board.

Another notable mention is to take note of the Tone settings. These are the ones that worked for me. Yours may be different depending on your pickups, style of guitar and regular amplifier and what you are striving for. I have an old Kramer with a Floyd Rose, Tom Anderson pickups, big frets, my playing style, I like Boogies, etc. Send me email, I'll help!!!

The shaded cells are my utility patches. This is as close as I could get to my basic sound, with the time that I am allowed (I am a family man). I can plug the Pandora into my rack effects with these basic tones and go straight to a board and sound almost like my rack when miced, almost. This works for those small studios where you do not want to lug your gear a few hundred stories of stairs! And those that don't play or have a clue know the difference.

The last patch is if you want to plug a microphone into the Pandora. It's a versatile little unit.

The patches are in no particular order.

All comments are welcome!

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