Charles Edward Davis and family lived in this area from 1900 or 1901 to 1927. They moved here from the Purdon/Pursley area near Corsicana, Texas in Navarro, County.

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This is a map of Throckmorton County, Texas.
Mom said Christina Liming, first wife of John Barton Davis had passed away right after they moved from Illinois to the Purdon, Texas area. She also gave me a few details about circumstances leading to Grandad Alvah N. Davis moving from Purdon, Texas to Elbert, Texas in Throckmorton, County, Texas before moving their farm near Sterley, Texas in the vicinity of Lockney, Texas. Charles Edward Davis, father of Alvah N. Davis, had apparently inherited land from Charles W. Augustine in Illinois, Sect 36, Spring Run in public road, Probably in Cass County Illinois. I think the will was dated 19 Oct 1889. They lived in Elbert, Texas, Throckmorton County, Texas at the time. Charles Edward Davis sold the land he had inherited and used the money to make a down payment on a section of Land near Lockney, Texas. Charles Edward Davis lived on the land with his son's Alvah Newton Davis, Mason Oliver Davis, and Cyrus Allen Davis. He and his sons's made payments on the land together. Charles Edward Davis died as a result of a car accident in 1937. My grandad, Alvah N Davis taught school at Newcastle, Texas when they lived in Elbert, Texas. I believe Elbert, Texas is on the Brasos river. My Grandparents, Alvah N Davis and Miriam L (Jennings)Davis were members of the Church of Christ and attended Prarie Chapel Church of Christ in the vicinity of Lockney, Texas. Mom said they moved to Floyd Co, TX when mom was about 6 months old, Randy said this was 1926, but mom was born 3 Dec 1926 so that would have made the date approximately June or July 1927. Poll tax collection receipt for Charles Edward Davis in Young Co, TX, Olney, TX for 1918 shows he paid poll tax in Young County then. Randy said that Jerry told him, Mason remebered just a little bit about them moving from Corsicana area to Elbert. Mason was about 4 years old. They moved in 1900- 1901.
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