Ancestor, 1. James B Davis, 2. Richard Lee Davis, 3. Stephen Davis, 4.  Roy Davis, 5. Frances Margaret Davis.  Descendents of 5 on this page.
Frances Margaret  Davis, daughter of Roy Davis and Ethel Mae Maltby, was born in 1914 and died 1996. She married Clarence Franklin Nickel, born in 1908 and died in 1976.  They had four children , eleven grandchildren, and twenty-one great-grandchildren.
1.   Clarence Junior Nickel, b 1932;  m.  Donna Jean Sparadlin, b. 1934.  Four children, and eight grandchildren were  listed for them:
    (1.)   Kevin Lee Nickel, b. 1954; m. Kimberly Ann Lindsey, b. 1957.  They had  three children:
        I.  Gina Lynn Nickel, 1983-.
        II.  Gayla Jelane Nickel, 1985.
        III.  Clint Austin Nickel, 1986.
    (2.)  Gerald Wayne Nickel, b 1956-; m. Diane Elaine Farmer, b. 1956.  They had two children:
        I.  Heather Renee Nickel, 1978.
        II.  Garnet Wayne Nickel, 1981.
    (3.)  Joyce Elaine Nickel, b. 1957; m. Michael Jay Moore, b. 1957.  they had three children:
        I.  Stephanie Ann Moore, 1980.
        II.  Samantha Jo Moore, 1983.
        III. Suzanne Elizabeth Moore, 1985.
    (4.)  Arlin Dale Nickel, b. 1959.
2.  Donald Owen Nickel, b 1934; m.  Virginia Mae Kleinschmidt, b. 1935.  they had two children and three grandchildren:
    (1.)  Vanessa Lynn Nickel, b 1959; m. Scott Edward Howell, b. 1958.  they had two children:
        I.  Lauren Victoria Howell, 1985.
        II.  Adam Spencer Howell, 1988.
    (2.)  Gregory Todd Nickel, b 1961; m. Tamara Lynn Graham, b. 1961.
They had a son:
        I.  Alec Quinton Nickel, 1991.
3.  Elmer Edward Nickel, b. 1936; m. Elizabeth Nelson, b. 1935.  They had two children and three grandchildren:
    (1.)  David Franklin Nickel, b. 1962; m.  Kristi Marie Wilkinson, b. 1963
    (2.)  Mary Susan Nickel, b. 1964; m. Gregory Warren Engrav, b. 1964.  They had three children:
        I.  Grant Thomas Engrav, 1988.
        II.  Molly Elizabeth Engrav, 1991.
        III.  Abigail Jane Engrav, 1994.
4.  James Harold Nickel, b. 1938; m. Burlene Ann Taylor, b. 1940.  They had three children and seven grandchildren:
    (1.)  Bruce Jay Nickel, b. 1958, m. Jill Ann Tinervin, b. 1959.  They had two children:
        I.  Bryan Jay Nickel, 1982.
        II.  Reid Adam Nickel, 1985.
    (2.)  Ricky Lane Nickel, b. 1959, m. Victoria Ann Garza, b. 1965.  They had two children:
        I.  Cassandra Jo Nickel, 1989.
        II.  Colton Joel Nickel, 1991.
    (3.)  Kristene Ann Nickel, b. 1965; m. Shawn Stephen Reidel, b. 1963.  They had three children:
        I.  Taylor Kristine Reidel, 1990.
        II.  Taryn Kathelin Reidel, 1992.
        III.  Trey James Reidel, 1995.

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