George Newton and Alice Soapes Cockerill, grandparents of Miriam Lavonia Jennings.

Photo of George & Alice Cockerill
The photo was taken by A.W. CADMAN PHOTOGRAPHER ROGERS ARK. Sitting on front left is George Newton Cockerill, next to him is his wife Alice Soapes Cockerill. I think the girl in the back on the left is Bellvey Dearie Cockerill and in back on right is Fannie May (Cockerill)Jennings. Fannie May (Cockerill)Jennings was my greatgrandmother, and George and Alice Cockerill are my great-great grandparents. Miriam L Jennings was my grandmother. Her mother, Fannie May Cockerill married Eli Jennings Aug 10, 1898. Eli Jennings died Dec 15, 1939 and Fannie May (Cockerill)Jennings died Feb 21, 1963. Both are buried in Hamby Cem., Hamby, TX. Eli Jennings ancestors are listed on this web site.
Alice Lavonia Soapes, sitting in the photo, was the daughter of Jesse O Soapes and Rebecca Featherstien. Her mother's last name may be spelled three different ways, I could not read the last three letters in the copy of the handwritten family record. My mom had a note from her grandmother that spelled it Featherstien, I'd though it was Featherston and Mrs. Kay Wilson thinks it is Featherstone, I'm not sure which is the correct spelling but chose Featherstien because of Aunt Jonnie's note that it was spelled that way.
    Jesse O Soapes and Rebecca Featherstien had seven children.
  1. Mary Ann Soapes, born Dec 14 1846.
  2. James Thomas Soapes, born Oct 21 1851
  3. Isaac Soapes, born Oct 9 1853.
  4. Alice Lavonia Soapes, born July 31 1854**.
    1. Belvey Dearie Cockerill
    2. Fannie Mae (Jennings)Cockerill
  5. Nancy Jane Soapes, born Aug 31 1856.
  6. William Hester Soapes, born Jul 12 1859.
  7. Spencer Alexander Soapes, born Dec 9 1861.
    1. Flanny Myrtle, born 30 Jan 1887.
    2. Thomas Jefferson, born 8 Jun 1888.
    3. Lemull Franklin, born Nov 22 1889.
    4. Jessie *Othernile, born Feb 3 1893.
    5. Nellie May, born Sep 28 1898.
    6. Earl Clifton, born Dec 4 1903.
    7. Alice Gertrude.
**Family record on year of birth was written over from 1854 to read 1864.
*Grave stone shows his middle initial as "A", Elbert Cemetery, Elbert, TX

The photo that mom had was wrinkled and spots were missing from it. I touched it up using Paint Shop Pro as the copy I had scanned in was deterioriated considerably.
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