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Thomas Davis is believed to be the descendant of John Davis born 1599 in England and arrived in Virginia in 1623 in the ship John and Francis. Thomas Davis was born on 8 Aug 1693 probably in Northumberland County Virginia. He married Sarah Fielding the daughter of Edward Fielding Esquire and Winnifred Conway Fielding.
Children of Thomas Davis and Sarah Fielding.
  1. Edward Fielding Davis, born May 6 1718, married Betty Yancey and was killed in the French and Indian War.
  2. James Conway Davis, born Nov 3 1719, married Mary Elizabeth Carter on Christmas Day of 1738. She was the daughter of Joseph Carter and Katherine Stevens, and grandaughter of Thomas Carter Jr, and great grandaughter of Capt Thomas Carter and Katherine Dale. Katherine Dale was daughter of Major Edward Dale and Diana Skipwith.
    1. John Fielding Davis, b. Jan 1 1740, moved to Mecklenburg Co, VA 1766, Married Martha. Died after 1782 in Mecklenburg Co, VA
      1. John Davis Jr. will probated in 1798 named
        1. son James Batte Davis of Mecklenburg Co. VA
    2. James Carter Davis, b. Mar 4 1741, Spotsylvania Co, VA. Died 1792 in Spotsylvania Co, VA. Married Sarah.
      1. Fielding
      2. John
      3. William
      4. William
      5. James
      6. Thomas
      7. Joseph
      All of his children moved to Kentucky before 1800. Can not find will for James Carter Davis. The 1793 will of James Davis is not James Carter Davis but perhaps his son's will who passed away in 1799. I did get a copy of that will but does not name children except as "all my children".
    3. Benjamin Davis, b. Jan 10 1743. Died: prob in 1791 will was Dated Jan 23 1787, will heard 1791 in Spotsylvania Co, VA. Married Elizabeth(nickname Bettie) in Spotsylvania Co, VA. When he died he appointed his wife and Mr Edward Collins as guardian for his children, none were of age. Verified the Ancestry record that shows d. ...1787 means "dated" not died by Lib of VA on Line record.
      1. James
      2. Lewis
      3. Benjamin
      4. Elijah
      5. Richard
      6. Acy
    4. Elizabeth Davis, b. Feb 22 1745
    5. Snead Davis, b. May 16 1748, died in infancy.
    6. William Davis, b. Aug 26 1750
    7. Mary Davis, b. May 24 1753, still unmarried in 1792.
    8. Felix Davis, b. Apr 27 1755, died in infancy.
    9. Charles Edwin Davis, b. Oct 22 1758; died Feb 1 1807 in Jessamine Co, KY
      + Hannah Gaines, 11 Mar 1783, in Culpeper Co, VA; & Family Tree CD ROM;
      1. **James B Davis, b. 1785 in Culpeper Co, VA.
        +Elizabeth Hawkins, m. 16 Dec 1806 Jessamine Co, KY
      2. Nancy Davis, b. calculated 1794, married William White on 21 Mar 1816 in Jessamine Co, KY. Died prior to 1838. Dau. Mary(Polly) married James Lewis.
      3. Polly Davis married Hartwell Heath
      4. Elizabeth Davis married Samuel White
      5. Sarah(Sally) Davis married Hickman Kersey, 8 Jun 1822
    10. Thomas Davis, b. Nov 30 1761; married Susannah Hiatt May 1 1783 in Spotsylvania Co, VA
      1. Elizabeth Davis, b. Oct 16, 1784, Spotsylvania Co, VA
      2. Mary Davis, b. Dec 22 1786, Spotsylvania Co, VA
      3. Fielding Davis, b. May 9 1789, Woodford Co, KY
      4. Larkin Davis, b. Sep 27 1791, Woodford Co, KY
      5. Thomas Davis, b. Feb 3 1794 & d. Oct 1794, Woodford Co, KY
      6. Thomas Davis, b. Aug 26 1795, d. May 1817, Woodford Co, KY
      7. William Davis, b. Apr 7 1798, Woodford Co, KY
      8. John Davis, b. Jun 9 1800, Woodford Co, KY
      9. Susannah Davis, b. Aug 13 1801, Woodford Co, KY; d. 1867
      10. James B Davis, b. Apr 17 1804, Woodford Co, KY
      11. Dianna Davis, b. Jan 17 1806, Woodford Co, KY
      12. Benjamin Davis, b. Mar 1 1809, Woodford Co, KY
      13. Sarah Stephens Davis, b. Apr 26 1811, Woodford Co, KY
      14. Susan Davis, b. 1813, Woodford Co, KY
  3. John Davis, born Jul 3 1723, married ca 1745 Betty Carter
    1. Thomas Davis born Aug 8 1747 married Ruth
      1. Thomas
      2. Moses
      3. William
      4. Francis
      5. Isaac
      6. John
      7. Nanny King
      8. Mary Powell
      9. Jane Carter
      10. Ruth Carter
      11. Elizabeth Dowell
      12. Leavy Linn
    2. John born Nov 11 1748
    3. Susannah born Mar 28 1750
    4. Isaac born Feb 7 1753
    5. Fielding born about 1755
  4. Richard Davis, born Jun 15 1725, left no record
  5. William Davis, born Sep 9 1727, married Catherine Carter daughter of James and Mary Carter of Stafford County on Nov 27 1755. He died in Prince William County, VA in 1798.
  6. Susannah Davis born Sep 29 1729, married Richard Smith

Copy of Note Hannah Davis signed for her daughter's wedding. File size is 117K & will take a couple of minutes to load.
The information on this page came from MichaelAnne Guido, and who cites the inside cover of Thomas Davis' bible. The Thomas Davis that was born in 1693 in Northumberland Co, VA. MichaelAnn indicates the original Davis immigrants to Virginia for Charles Davis line were two brothers Thomas born 1585 who settled in York County and John Davis (Charles Davis line) born in 1599. They came to Virginia in 1623 on the Ship John and Francis. They are both listed in the 1624 muster rolls of the inhabitants of Virginia.Charles Davis served in the Revolutionary War and Charles Davis' brother Thomas Davis also served.

Will of James Davis, 1835, Jessamine Co, Ky.
Copy of original Court Document showing Charles Davis heirs, Jessamine Co, KY.
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