You Know You're Obsessed With Yoji When...

Because Every Character Needs His Own List

1. You try to buy every single Yoji merchandise thingy, no matter what the cost

2. You plan to dress up as Him at every convention that you can go to, now and in the future

3. You know all of his stats and information by heart 5. You talk to that picture

6. You have a picture of Him on every wall in your room so that you can always see him

7. You know all of his songs by heart (you kareoked at a convention too)

8. You try your hardest to look and act like him (even if it means hitting on girls!)

9. You buy the manga, even though you can't read Japanese, just so you can drool over his pictures

10. You dedicated a piece of webspace to the bishounen (i.e. This shrine ^^;;)

11. And asked a friend to make you a naked Yoji...

12. So that you could put Underwear on it for your site

13. Because his voice is so sexy, it makes you shiver when you think about

14. You start having dreams/daydreams about how he can use that wire on you... ^_-

15. Those sexy jade green eyes haunt you

16. You think of what you'd say if he tried to pick you up

17. For New Year's, when you had no one to kiss when it struck midnight, you kissed his pencil board

18. You repeatedly sing the lil commericial he did ('Tsuhan, Tsuhan, Cha Cha Cha!')

19. You start adopting his... 'unique' fashion sense

20. You *hate* men, and have no plans on getting married. Unless Yoji asks you, of course

21. He haunts my dreams. I'm soooo obsessed with him that one time I dreamt that I had a kid with him! And my parents disowned me! They said how could their only child have a relationship with someone who is made up of INK!!!!! - Christine Simpao

22. Your friends and family know your obsession with him so well that the first question they ask you is, "What's Youji up to today?" or even "When is your wedding?" - Sumire

23. You plan on naming your child Youji Kudou (or Yoji, or even Yohji/Kudo or Kudou...whatever) even if you don't live in Japan. The child's first name will be Youji, his middle name Kudou. You will disregard the last name and refuse to call him/her by it. And when you get mad at him/her, you call him/her "Kudou Youji" - Sumire

24. When you hear anyone whose voice sounds remotely like his, you whirl around and scream, "TAKE ME, YOUJI!!!" even if you're in public, like the mall, during its busiest hour. ^_- No, no, I haven't done that, why do you ask? ^_^* - Sumire

25. You adopt the Japanese culture and language even if it drives your parents insane, and you write everything in Japanese, even though it could mean your grade, since none of your teachers/professors/whatever read or write it. - Sumire

26. You are an expert on Weiss Kreuz even if you haven't seen the whole series. - Sumire

27. You have at least 20mb of Youji/Weiss Kreuz pics stored on your hard drive and have wasted four sets of ink cartridges printing every picture. You keep the pics in a notebook, inside page protectors, and for ten minutes every hour on the hour you stare at the pictures. On sunday mornings you spend two hours singing Weiss kreuz's songs (preferably the Youji solos ^_^) and reading fanfics, and claim that this is church, and you're reading the lessons and singing the hymns. You pop in your tapes and watch WK for three hours after that and claim that is your sermon. -Sumire

28. When you create an entire life being with him.. including in bed,your children where your gonna live...and so on..and then you believe that's reality and you run to the police screaming:My husband and Children are missing! Schwarz must've captured them!Then run out wit h an officers gun screaming to kill schwarz - Karen

29. I've always admired the Japanese and I mean everything. I even go to the point of meeting and really engage myself with one. Youji has become like the closest I can be with but I still like to meet one. He is the essence of cool, mystery and absolute dream. I love my men gentle and he sure is. I love him too much, I can't think anymore! - aishah

30. when you actually carry a conversation to his memory about meeting him and giving yourself instantly at first impulse and not regretting anything. You size up every guy to be like him. You may have kids (would be sweet to have his seed in you!!!) It could also be terrific to have just the TWO of you alone together (like forever!!!). You can't get enough of him. - ashlar

31. When you want to become a florist at all costs. You're getting a knack with wires then tie yourself up and when anyone finds you, you smile and dreamily say,"Youji, loves tying me up. I can't make him stop and (I never tried!) and remain there for approximately two hours more. - shamie

32. If ya download every lil thing on Yoji that ya find and replay it nonstop.You end up having to get a new hard drive in order to download more. Your parents disown you and ask "why did we let him/preferably her watch that awful Yoji?" You scream to them "ya didn't I snuck the videos into my room and watched em over and over and over." Just to see Yoji you would pause the video and stare at him, drowning in drool. - Depa Myra

33. If you wish that yohji hit you even if its only a one night stand - saicho

34. If you imagine that he and you alone together in a room and doing something......(maybe watching a video, playing arcade, talking or..... nah, you know what it is,don't you? ^_-) - saicho

35. You keep the 2000 calendar up on your desk at work opened to the month of July even though it's not. Why? Because Yohji looks so delicious wearing nothing but his jeans and cowboy hat with the word 'Sin' written on him. - tiiana

36. Two days ago I turned in to Yoji! I am him!!! I am sooo sexy!!!! - Yoji Kudou

(High Priestess: Oookay... we have all types ^_^ And being Yoji is not a bad thing. Not bad at all ^_-)

37. He's beautiful, he's sweet, He shows everyone his beautiful abs..... ::falls over an drowns in drool:: Heir est min LEIBLING!!! yes I learned German for this show! V.-* - Balinese666

38. I wear sunglasses 24 hours a day to be like him! - Balinese666

39. I took up smoking... - Balinese666

40. I write fanfics about him! one per day in geometry! - Balinese666

41. My bf broke up with me for yelling Yoji at an err.. bad time.. more than once... - Balinese666

42. Your friends know your obsession so well that if you even wear sunglass on top of your head and put a pretzel stick in your mouth, they groan and try to hide somwhere. - Rabid Fangirl No. 27 (A.K.A Meg)

43. When you go to the hair-dresser and you talk about him, the hair-dresser thinks he's your *real* boyfriend. I only wish T_T - carly-sama

44. You know you're obsessed with Yohji when the character moves into your head, and talks to you during class. - Ana-chan

45. You start to write stories about him, let him have a girlfriend that's better than Asuka at the end of the story, or you start to draw his pics, or start to print his pics and put all of them in your folder and stare at the pics during classes, no matter how the class is so important for you... - Tiffany Yu

46. The tattoo! I mean, come on! Sin, when you gonna learn? That is the sexiest thing I've ever heard. Seen. Whatever. - Unknown

47. When every time you dance with a guy, you think it's Yohji and start whispering Japanese stuff in his ear. - Bearer of the Beloved Cigarettes

48. You become highly addicted to candy cigarettes as a result of this poor sexy man... and then you watch Escaflowne because nobody you know actually has Weiss Kreuz tapes... (or will drag her eyes off Omi to let you watch them!) - DeadRedHead

49. I just gotta love a man in a midi AND hipsters! Oh, the abs, the abs! - G. Miko

50. You know almost everything about him, read all the yaoi fanfics... but you've never even seen the actual series - Black Gem

51. You know you're obsessed with Yoji when you swear the seiyuu looks nothing like him, then take it upon yourself as a natural blonde to adopt the look to prove to all your friends that even though Yoji totally surpasses you in everything that is cool, at least you look more like him than his seiyuu, and that's all that matters. - Masta Law

52. you would know when your crazy of this suPerb guy when you could feel that someone ,somewhere,has the same aura as him.THE GENTLE AND DEADLY GENTLEMAN IN BLACK SHADES.LONG LIVE YOJI,I LOVE YOUR EYES AND STYLE. - NEYZA LEONA 20002000

53. You and your friends have conversations online where the only thing you'll say for 45 minutes straight is Yoji's name, over and over and over. - Slave to Yoji

54. When you read the entire list, even though your friend has already claimed Yohji, and Ken's right in the room, pouting in a corner, since you haven't found a list about *him*. Uh...poor Ken. *goes to console him and then convince him to show off his abs some...* - Kitan

55. you dream of doing very very bad things with Yoji!! ^_~ - Yoji's lover

56. You get your parents to buy you a Balinese cat. ^_^ - Shinigami82

57. You grow Cattleye flowers in your garden. - Shinigami82

58. You want to be a florist. - Shinigami82

59. You know if you're drooling over his looks when you have a picture of him on every page of every book you own - Laura

60. You find a way to write Yohji into every fanfic you write, even if it isn't Weiß based. (heh heh) - Asuka-chan

61. You buy mangas with characters that look like Yohji and brag about it to friends who have never seen the anime and get smacked upside the head for being so annoying. - Yohji's Pillow

62. You write a fanfiction with an original character that portrays you and makes him/her a couple with Yohji. - Yohji's Pillow

63. u buy all the neatty stuff that yoji wears (even if it costs a lot!@#$%) - AUSTYSMILE :)

64. When you relalize you've might have have to experiment with a guy if he looked like YOHJI! - theEYEunblinking

65. When you go shuting out that "Yoji IS real!"And when you turn 18 your travling the world to find a Yoji look a like. - Talon Kudou

66. You plane the join Scherza just so you can fight with Yoji.Then after you fight you get to kiss and make up with him*wink*~_^ - Talon Kudou

67. you have a REALY bad need to go up to the next Blonde guy and hug him.And when your hugging him you pertend it's Yoji. - Talon Kudou

68. You have been to every web sight on every web ring to find just the right picture in Youji that you can make into a wedding photo with you. - Ishi Tatsu

69. Do you REALLY have 2 ask? it's his eyes, the way he walks, his ass, and the way he talks - Karin-Chan

70. because he's just so damn hot and you cut out a pic of youji and omi arguing and paste in your little book of hot guys!!!!!!!!! now why does that sound so firmilar he he ) - Shadow Kitten

71. When one of your friends even mentions another character you say "who?" - Reiji Kanjii

72. If your friend tells you Duo is the hottest guy in the anime world you extremly angry and torture them until they say youji is best hottest most wonderful guy to ever grance an anime - Reiji Kanjii

73. if you own a cat that look's like Yoji's cat. (i do ^_^) - Merian Wufei

74. you end up writing an essay (that you later use as a fan fic) all about him during your English/Chinese/Japanese/whatever composition exams. ^^ - Misa

75. You realize that your SN's initails are YK- like Youji Kodou and your SN's last name sounds like Kodou. - Yami Kodoku

76. Whenever I'm stressed out, I take 5 minutes to find my peace within the Yohji-force that surrounds me. Come, my Yohji loving friends, join me and be one with the Yohji!!! - Satori-sama

77. You know you're obsessed with Yoji when you use his name as slang. ie-"You're sooo kewl" would be "You're sooo Yoji!" - Beni-Hana

78. If you look through this list and have done every single thing on it up to this point - Unamed Loser

79. You stare at Yohji pictures on other people's computers, and try to feed said pictures chocolate-chip cookie dough. - Gina-chan

80. whahahaahhahahahahahahahaha! it's something unexplainable! just that! - hiei's little cute angel

81. When ever you go to a convention and see a guy dressed as Yohji, you cling to him, push every other girl away, and claim he's your boyfriend and say you'll be with him forever...^.^ and I really haven't done that, but I was close to - Ken-kun

82. you know your obsessed with Yoji when you spend endless hours looking for any info, sound waves, or pictures of him. Even to the point of saying goodnight to your parents then having them come to wake you up at 11 a.m. and your still awake. (muhahaha^_^ don't ask) then when they coax you to go to sleep all you dream about is him and you say...or scream(teehee) his name until they wake you up and tell you to shut up. - Lady Midnight

83. because the only thing I can´t think when i see him his: where in the world can i find Yoji's wardrobe? - balinese kitten

84. You know you've gotten your friend obsessed when she talks to her REAL boyfriend about Yohji and he considers getting the "sin" tattoo because she loves it (and Yohji) so much. (True story, I promise!!!) - Sinataya

85. You know you're obsessed when you print out the "Bye bye assassin" picture and put in your locker and people walk by and ask "are they you're friends?" thinking it is a real photo and you point to Yohji and say "That one is MINE" *grins*. (Also true story) - Sinataya

86. Obsessed when you consider making a Yohji "KiSS" doll so that you and the other fan girls can strip him or put him in those hot clothes he wears. - Sinataya

87. You've done everything on this list.^_^ - Vamp~Cluch


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