kawasaki eliminator 175cc


One of the finest bikes in its class in the World. The Kawasaki Eliminator 175cc belongs to the famous eliminator series of motorcycles. In India it is manufactured by the Bajaj auto company under collaboration with Kawasaki. Arguably the finest bike in India and certainly the best cruiser bike ever made here.

This four stroke motorcycle has five gears to handle its 175cc engine which produces 15bhp @8500rpm. It has a maximum speed of 116kph. The kerb weight is 156kg which gives the bike good road stability. The bikes suspension is fantastic. It can take on the potholes and small craters on the road in its stride. The front wheel has hydraulic disc brake for accurate braking. The low seat height is a big plus for short stature riders. It is equally comfortable for tall riders with the brake and gear lever slightly upfront like in the cars. The bikes overall length is 2155mm with ground clearance of just 140mm. 

Riding this bike has given me immense pleasure. I have been riding 100cc bike and scooter for more than a decade but this bike is in a different league altogether," the stuff legends are made of". Its riding posture, the low seat height, long handle bar, stretched out front wheel, fat rear tyre, good suspension system, electric start and the overall dynamics of the bike makes it one hell of a experience!monkey on the bike

I am planning to go on long tours on my eliminator soon and  will keep you posted of my adventures.






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