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Dedicated to the memory of the Union Soldier from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

Brigadier General Theophilus T. Garrard

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Garrard Camp members (from left to right): Commander Don Poynter, Secretary/Treasurer Estus Hibbard, and Junior Vice Commander Robert May at the gravesite of Brigadier General Theophilus Toulmin Garrard.

Garrard Camp Officers for 2001-2

Commander: Don Poynter
Senior Vice Commander: Jeff Sams
Junior Vice Commander: Robert May
Secretary/Treasurer: Estus Hibbard
Chaplain: Walter Johnson
Patriotic Instructor: Jerry Peters
Graves Registry Officer: Jeff Sams
By-Laws Committee: Jeff Sams, Estus Hibbard, Hiram Johnson, Robert May
Camp Guard: Jeff Sams, Hiram Johnson, Estus Hibbard
Garrard Camp Signals Officer: Robert M. Baker
Staff for the Garrard Camp Newsletter, The Mountain Banner: Jeff Sams, editor; Estus Hibbard, assistant editor

Garrard Camp Honors a Real Daughter

August 25th, 2001, Kentucky Department Commander, SUVCW, Tim Downey (left) and Garrard Camp Commander Don Poynter (right), present a Real Daughter certificate to Mrs. Molly Jones Denham of Corbin, Kentucky. Mrs. Denham's father, John Jones, was a member of the 47th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Commander Downey and Commander Poynter both had ancestors who served with the same regiment.

The Department of Kentucky, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Department of Kentucky Website

Courtesy of Our Membership: Historical Items from Our Camp Members

A Gallery of Pictures, Stories, and Related Ephemera from Garrard Camp Members

The Garrard Camp Newsletter, The Mountain Banner

The T. T. Garrard Camp produces a newsletter, The Mountain Banner for its membership. An on-line version of the current issue is available at this link: The Mountain Banner.

Kentucky Regimental Websites

Captain Thomas Speed's The Union Regiments of Kentucky On-line

A work-in-progress. Please tell us if you know of any Kentucky Regimental websites on the internet. We'd like to collect them together for genealogists, descendants, and historians.

Internet Archives: Research Resources On Line

Research Archives Page

This is a work-in-progress. If you know of any websites containing good research resources on Kentucky and the Civil War, please be sure to send us the URL. We are always looking for good websites on Kentucky regiments, blue or gray. Send any suggestions to:

Suggested Books, Films, Magazines, etc. About the Civil War in Kentucky and Appalachia

Suggested Reading List

This list is also a work-in-progress and it exists to give the patron an idea of what books are or were available on the subject of the Civil War in Kentucky and Appalachia. If you'd like to add a work or recommend one to this list, send your suggestions to


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Garrard Camp's Graves Registry Project

Garrard Camp's Graves Registry Project

The Mountain Veterans Graves Registry

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History and Genealogy Bulletin Board

The Garrard Camp Bulletin Board: A Great Place to Exchange Genealogical Information!

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Interested in Joining an Internet Discussion Group (Listserver) on Kentucky and the Civil War?

The KentuckysCivilWar Listserver has as its topics history, heritage, and genealogy, and is not an "official" SCV or SUVCW Listserver. All topics are discussed and no person, group, or organization is revered so much as to be above consideration on this listserver.

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The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is open to all male descendants of any Union soldier who was discharged honorably from the service of the United States Army or the State troops (Home Guard, etc.) between 1861 and 1866. This is one of only a few organizations where membership is based upon your ancestry rather than on other merits. Click on this link Application to join the SUVCW to learn how to join the SUVCW, the recognized heir to the Grand Army of the Republic.

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