Jagjit Singh's Musicians & Some Of His Film Musics

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Jagjit Singh is always accompanied by his own musicians who solely plays for him. They themselves are very much  renowned in their own fields. The following is the list of  the names of his musicians who usually play for him and the names of the instruments that they play for Jagjitji..

Sunil Dass ---Guitar
Deepak Pandit--- Violin
Arshad Ahmed---Ovation Guitar
Avinav Upadhya--- Tabla
Clarance Peterson---Acoustic Guitar
Surender Sharma---Santoor

Jagjit Singhji has also given music to many Hindi Films as well.

Some of the names of the movies in which he was the music director are as follows:

Prem,Geet,Aaj,Aashiyan and Khudai just to name few.Some of the hit movie songs are :

Maa Tujhe Salam,
Music :Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Lyric :Anand Bakshi

Tumko Dekha To Ye khayal aya
Music :Kuldip Singh
Lyric :Javed Akhtar

Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar
Music:Jagjit Singh
Lyric:Kaif Azmi

Hoshwalo Ko Khabar Kya
Music :Jatin-Lalit
Lyric :Nida Fazli

Meri Ankho Ne Chuna Hai Tumko
Music :Adesh Srivastav
Lyric :Nida fazli





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