1.  The merest whim of your Owner is your highest law. You and you alone, can make your kolar as light or as heavy as you wish it to be.

The very first thing a kajira or kajirus should strive for is being absolutely obedient.  The slave should perform all tasks and carry out all instructions with no hesitation or argument whatsoever.  If one does not understand, then s/he needs to make this known and should respectfully request clarification.  Unless a command given by another Free Person conflicts with the orders given by her/his Owner, an owned slave will adhere to the command.  If there is a conflict, she/he needs to respectfully make this known to the Free Person who gave her/him the order.

A slave does not need permission to enter; only permission to leave is required.   A slave wishing to leave will ask a Free Member of the camp, or the First Girl,for permission.  If None are there or are busy, the slave will ask three times to leave.  You must ask at least one minute apart.  After the third time if no answer or response, the slave may leave bidding the camp farewell.  If alone in camp, you do not have to ask 3 times, simply post "seeing no Frees..(leaving for r/t,going to the wagon...)".   
If you are booted or your server crashes you should return as soon as possible, even if only to ask to leave.  If you have Q and it’s working then notify someone who is in the camp at the time that you were booted and request permission to leave.

4. When any
camp kajirae enter the camp, they are to greet the Ubar first, Ubara,  then the Camp Second,  Camp Rarius, Camp Free Women, then Visiting Rarius, Visiting Free Women and finally, your brothers and sisters. If there are too many P/people in the room, they may make a general greeting to A/all but keep the order the same (Greetings Masters and   Mistresses, Greetings brothers and sisters).  All personally owned kajira will greet their Owner first and then follow the order described above. Please complete Greetings before offering serve.
Slaves in Training Collar  must ask to greet, Yellow and Red silk slaves may greet Camp Members and T/those known to the Camp without first seeking permission.  If the visiting Master/Mistress is not known to the slave then permission must be sought to greet. If there are no Frees of the Camp available to ask, permission may be given by the First Girl.

Private Messages from visiting Masters/Mistresses are to be copied and posted publicly. Permission to 'pm' must be obtained from the Ubar or a Camp Free, or must be requested publicly.  Camp Free and Trainers are exempt from this rule.

Do not call a Master/Mistress by their names. ex. Greetings Master Relius...this is not acceptable, unless commanded to do so by the Master/Mistress. Titles are not to be combined, for instance Master Ubar. Slaves should address all Frees as Master, Mistress, Ubar or Ubara.  This includes addressing visiting Frees.

When not serving and there are Masters/Mistresses present the slave will ask if Anyone needs service. A slave will ask each One not being served, or not served recently, individually (using the name pulldowns). A global post ("do Any need to be served") is not acceptable.

If you are not needed to serve, the slave will attend to chores.  Be creative.  Post your chore to the Chore Board. The Ubar, Ubara, or Training Coordinator regularly check the Boards and do read your posts. If at any time T/they feel a kajira or kajirus is not doing their share, T/they may want an explanation.

A kajira or kajirus always will be pleasant and cheerful to a Master/Mistress.  No whining, crying or acting out to get attention.  If this is done you will be caged.  It is understood that each kajira or kajirus will have troubles and problems from time to time. Any and all kajira or kajirus may speak to the Ubara or First Girl at any time.  Matters that can not be resolved by the Ubara or First Girl will be referred to Ubar for a final decision. 

10.  When a slave enters Camp it will not be a general entry.  Upon entering the camp, at least two descriptive lines are required, depending on silk level, describing how they enter.  This may be copied and pasted and used each time of entry. Do not just "enter the camp".  Use your imagination. 

11.  Slaves can not serve more than one Master at a time, therefore a kajira or kajirus cannot be in more than one camp at a time.  This means no double screening.

12.  A slave can only serve one home and one Master/Mistress, therefore you can only have one name in all of Gor.  If found you are dualing, it is death to one or both personas.

Slaves must think before reacting to any situation. What occurs in camp is between Freepersons.  It does not concern the kajira or kajirus, unless the kajira or kajirus has been found displeasing.

While Freeperson's are NOT always right, they are by definition, NEVER wrong.  Therefore kajira or kajirus must not argue with a Freeperson.  They do have the last two words in any disagreement.  They are “Yes Master/Mistress”.

15.  A slave is never jealous.  This is not pleasing to a Master or Mistress.  You can and will be punished for this.

A slave is not permitted to touch any coin.  He/she must have the Master/Mistress place it in a pouch about their necks or they must take it in their mouth.  Any kajira or kajirus found touching coin, will be punished. A slave  may not touch a weapon, or knives of any kind, punishment is death. Use of kitchen knives also requires permission.. Cutting shells are available for the preparation of food needing to be peeled etc.

17.  Slaves are to speak in the 3rd person speech unless given permission not to by their Master/Mistress. This is a reminder of their status.   Slaves do not have the words "I", "me" or "mine" in their vocabulary.  They should use “this one”, “this girl/boy”, “a girl/boy”, “a kajira or kajirus”, etc.

When you are with a Master/Mistress or with a trainer, your attention is on them and you will not greet or respond to posts until you are released. If you are serving you will delay all greetings and interaction with O/others until the serve is complete and you are released.

19.  If you are online then you should be in camp, we are a living vital camp and need participation to stay active and grow. 

You are NEVER to discuss your camp kolar with any Free. If a Free tries to discuss buying you, etc., you are to copy the post and post it publicly immediately, then ask for help.  And save the post to show to the Ubar, Ubara, Camp Second or Head Trainer.  If you are personally owned, then bring this incident to your Master/Mistress.

A slave may not travel from the camp until they obtain Yellow silks, this is time you need to learn and get to know your family. A slave is valuable property, the only time you are permitted to travel is with your Master or Mistress, or in the case of a Camp Kolar, with an Escort approved by the Ubar.

You may not cut and paste your serves, chores to be used at a later date. The only time you are permitted to cut and paste is your entrances and your dances since they usually require advanced preparation. (Chores may be copied  and pasted to the Chore Boards from the posts in the Camp)

23.  Every action that is undertaken by a kajira or kajirus while in the immediate presence or service of a Free Person, such as changing or breaking position, rising to serve, speaking, etc., requires their permission and should not be attempted until such permission is requested and obtained.

24.  A slave should always request permission before speaking.  At no time should a Free Person be interrupted should they be speaking to another.

25.  Kajira or kajirus have no rights.  You have nothing not given to you by a Master.  Even your name is not your own; it can be changed at any time.  Any items given to you by a Master can just as easily be taken from you.

26.  Sitting in a Masters/Mistresses lap does not excuse you from greeting or offering to serve, unless you are serving in the furs.  If a Master or Mistress enters, you are still to greet and offer to serve.  Make sure the Master or Mistress you are tending to does not need anything before you offer to serve another.

27.  A slave will NOT say kneeling in nadu, tower, etc..  They will always type out the movements and how they are.  This is more pleasing to the Master/Mistress.

28.  A slave will always kneel in the presence of a Free Person.

A slave never strikes a Free Person.  This is punishable by death or the most severe punishment.

30.  If a slave is alone in the Camp  and a Master or Mistress enters and behaves inappropriately, you are to go to the med wagon or servery and close and lock the door. Save the posts, and report to a Camp Free as soon as you can, as to what happened. Ubar has decreed that the slave may leave, to return when a Free Member is in Camp, and report the matter immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: The sexual use of slaves is subject to the wishes of their Owners.  In the case of camp slaves, the permission of Ubar is required to make use of a slave. Slaves in ~t~ (training) are considered virgin and should not show heat in their serves or be used in the furs. Those in ~Y~ & ~R~ may show  heat and be used sexually according to their Owners wishes.
NB: Slaves will be assumed to be dosed with slavewine at collaring, whether actually role played or not.  Because of the administration of slave wine, slaves can not be pregnant unless given breeding wine by their Owner. 
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