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The Midtown Coalition board mailed a brief questionnaire to all City Council candidates, asking for them to respond to proposed zoning reforms.  The proposed reforms are intended to give neighborhoods more control over future development. Click the links below to see what was mailed to the candidates.

Candidates from six of the nine council districts replied to the questionnaire.  Replies were received from candidates in all of five of the districts in which Midtown Coalition member neighborhoods are located (2, 3, 4, 7, and 9), as well as from district 1, which contains many older neighborhoods like those in the Midtown Coalition.  No replies were received from candidates in districts 5, 6, or 8, which consist mainly of newer suburban neighborhoods.

Most of the candidates who replied expressed support for the reforms discussed in the questionnaire, either categorically or with some qualification. A number of candidates phoned to ask questions about these issues.  The amount of interest in the topic is encouraging.

The replies have been grouped by district.  The replies to each question have been placed together for ease of comparison.  As you read, however, keep in mind, that the candidates are not responding to one another; no candidate had advance knowledge of any other candidate's replies.  Here are the links to each set of replies, along with a list of those who replied, and a list of Midtown Coalition neighborhoods in that district:

District 1: Reply received from Louie D. Moore.

District 2: Replies received from Anthony Ray Coleman Sr., Charles Hushbeck, and Randi Miller. District includes Riverview neighborhood and part of North Maple Ridge Historic District west of Madison Avenue.

District 3: Replies received from Arlin L. Hopper and Michael R. Slankard.  District includes part of Kendall-Whittier neighborhood north of I-244.

District 4: Replies received from Anna Falling and Gary Watts. District includes Swan Lake, Tracy Park, Renaissance, Kendall-Whittier, Kendall Homeowners and Tenants, Kendall-Whittier Barton, Kendall-Whittier Hillcrest, Renaissance, Florence Park, Sunrise Terrace, Fair Heights, White City, and Mayo Meadow neighborhoods, and part of North Maple Ridge Historic District east of Madison Avenue.

District 7: Replies received from Clay Bird, Lois Jacobs and Christopher S. Thrutchley. District includes Highland Park neighborhood.

District 9: Replies received from Eddie Creekpaum, Gerald J. Lovoi, Marlin Pohlman, Brady Pringle Jr., and Stanley T. Synar Jr.  District includes Maple Ridge and Brookside neighborhoods.

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[Council District Map from Council website]

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