Navel Love Story...



The very first time I really saw my wife (well she wasn't my wife then, of course) I couldn't help but gasp at what I could see. She was a lovely charming but very loose sort of young girl just a couple of years younger than myself. What took my eye was her navel! She was wearing a rather short mini-skirt and a cut-off tee shirt which left about 2" of space between the mini and the shirt. Tanya had the prettiest belly button I had ever seen. It was beautifully shaped and, although not terribly large, it was quite deep, in fact, when she was in the sunlight it looked much deeper that it really was because of the shadows which extended inside her belly button. This might sound strange but I actually fell in love with her navel!

I had seen Tanya around the school yard on dozens of occasions but I had never seen her beautiful belly button exposed like it was this particular day. It was very arousing and I had a hardon just watching her. She was a very popular girl and there were always lots of boys hanging around her. I didn't know much about her except that she was popular and known to put out for boys she liked. On this particular day she was walking along the path with 3 boys, one of whom was my best friend.

Once I had seen her I walked over to join them but my friend motioned me off and said, "Ted, we are on a good thing here and we don't want to stuff it up. I will catch up with you later on this afternoon." With that, the four of the moved off. I watched them go, very disappointed that I hadn't been able to join them, for whatever purpose they were likely to have. They moved on towards a van which was owned by one of the boys and was well known as a shagging wagon. They all climbed into the van and drove off.

Later that afternoon I caught up with Jim and eagerly asked him what had happened that afternoon with Tanya? Jim grinned at me and said;

"Ted, I am very sorry we couldn't let you join us in the van. Tanya has some fairly strict rules about who she will go with and I didn't want to risk getting her upset if you wanted to join in! We took her out to the old quarry and, as soon as we parked, we pulled out the mattress thing Tom has in the back of his van and we fucked her! What a pity you couldn't be with us because we had a wonderful time with her. She just loves to be fucked and, now that she is on the pill, we don't have to pull out ­ we can shoot our load inside her! We fucked her one after the other and she loved it.

"When we had finished, Tanya asked us which of us could shoot the most cum now that we had already cum once? We didn't know what to say but I said I had the most! Anyway, she said she would test me. She told me to fuck her again, but this time I was to pull out and cum in her navel. She told me she would measure who had the most cum by seeing who could fill up her navel best. You have no idea what it felt like, I pushed my already hard cock into her and, when I was about to cum, I pulled out and leaned over her lovely belly and poured my cum into her belly button.

"Although I usually have a lot of cum, and this was no exception, I just couldn't fill her navel up to the top. She then stuck her finger in her belly-button and scooped as much cum as she could and then stuck her finger in her mouth. She continued to move the cum to her mouth until her belly-button was empty. She wiped out her navel and then the next boy fucked her and then came in her navel too. I was thrilled to see he didn't have as much cum as I did so I was winning up to date. She then cleaned out her belly-button the same as before and then asked the third boy to fuck her. He came in her belly-button too but his effort was poor after mine and I won the contest!"

I thought about Jim's story and decided I would try to get to Tanya by myself soon.

Well, I approached Tanya when I could see she didn't have any other boys around her and, to my surprise, she agreed to go for a drive with me in my car. I suggested that afternoon and again she agreed. I met her after classes and I had to admit to myself she looked lovely when she got into my car. She had on a mini-skirt and blouse but unfortunately the blouse was long and I couldn't see her belly-button. We drove around for a while and Tanya could see I didn't know where to park. She suggested a little used road near a hilltop and when we reached the road she pointed out a very good parking spot. It was obvious she had been here lots of times before.

Tanya wasted no time and began kissing me as soon as I had the engine turned off. She was all over me and I loved it! She quickly took off her blouse and to my delight, she wasn't wearing a bra. I knew she had a bra on when I asked her to go for the ride so she must have taken it off before meeting me. Her breasts were beautiful. She had her mini-skirt off and was pulling her little panties off as well. She certainly didn't waste any time, this Tanya!

I began to kiss her and stroke her body but she quickly unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock. It was as hard as a rock and she began stroking it and, at the same time, told me to get my clothes off! She held on tightly to my cock as I undressed and, when I was naked, she leaned over and began sucking my cock! What a feeling. She was wonderful. What a girl!

Anyway, she stretched herself out along the seat, spread her legs, and told me to get on with it. She told me to hurry because she had to go somewhere and I wouldn't have time to fuck her twice if I didn't hurry! God, she looked lovely lying there so naked and just for me! I quickly pushed my cock into her cunt, but I could tell I would be cumming rather quickly. Well, cum I did and I was particularly thrilled by the way she came at the same time. She was the first girl I had fucked when there had been an orgasm for both of us at the same time. I fell in love with her.

When we had finished she sucked my cock but I don't really think it even went down just a little bit! I was really turned on. She asked me if I was ready to fuck her again and, of course, I was in her in a flash! While I was still pumping her, I asked her if I could cum in her belly-button and she grinned at me and said, "Well, who has been talking? Yes, of course you can but you will have to play with my clit after because I want to cum at least once more with you!"

I fucked her as hard as I could and, when about to cum, I pulled out and started shooting my cum into her belly-button! To my amazement I just kept on cumming and cumming and, to my delight, I actually filled her beautiful navel with my cum! She laughed when she saw I was so pleased and began dipping in her finger and transferring it to her mouth. She told me to play with her clit and I certainly did that with pleasure. As soon as she came, she pulled my hand away from her clit and began to get dressed. My session with Tanya was definitely over!

The next date was only 4 days later and we again went for a drive in my car and this time, because we had the whole afternoon, I managed to fuck her 4 times and she seemed thrilled with my efforts. I was in love.

We remained together for the next couple of years and, we married with a small ceremony and an even smaller reception but we were married nevertheless and we loved each other. We have now been married for 4 years and I still love her belly-button the most! Of course I love her totally but I still have a yearning for her navel. Occasionally she lets me fuck her and then see if I can fill her lovely belly-button with my cum. On most occasions I can do it without effort. It's developed into quite the sexy little game between us. When I have filled her belly-button, I dip my fingers in and let her lick and suck them clean...again and again til her belly-button is empty. By then, I'm ususally ready to fill it again.

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