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Photograph of Son of BeastSituated at Paramount's Kings Island, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. is Son of Beast, a world record breaking roller coaster that elevates the classic wooden roller coaster experience to a new level and introduces a revolutionary concept, a 103ft. loop. Son of Beast is the tallest, fastest, wooden roller coaster in the world with the tallest and 2nd tallest drop of any wooden roller coaster in the world.. It is also the third longest wooden roller coaster in the world after The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley, Ripon, Yorkshire, England and The Beast also at Kings Island.

Photograph of Son of Beast Son of Beast is named after it's legendary predecessor The Beast. Built in 1979 The Beast is one of Kings Island's premier attractions and was recently ranked in U.S.A. Today as the best classic roller coaster of all time. Roller coaster enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Kings Island to experience the Beast firsthand.

Son of Beast is built on 2,414 footers sunk 11ft. into the ground and 1.65 million feet of timber (that's more than 312 miles). The whole structure reaches a height of 22 stories, covers 12 acres and is held together with 225,000 21" steel bolts and over 22 tons of nails.

Photograph of Son of Beast Now for the ride, seconds after leaving the two storey high station, the train drops 50ft. through a banked turn to the left, before making a u turn to arrive at the lift. With the traditional clankety clank, the train trudges higher than any train on a wooden roller coaster has ever climbed, before making two left turns to arrive at the the tallest drop of any wooden roller coaster, 214ft. at 56. Then a 70 banked turn to the right before descending the second tallest drop of any wooden roller coaster in the world.164ft. at 43 into the first 570 helix to the left with a drop of 150ft. at 43. After the helix, a left turn, just time to catch your breath, before plummeting down a 135ft. drop into the loop. After the 103ft. loop it's time for the second 570 helix, this time to the right. Exiting the second helix, a 270 right turn, before returning to the station.

The track weaves in and out of itself 13 times, all the time looking like the train is inches from crashing into the structural supports. There are enough thrills on Son of Beast's three minute streak through the wooded countryside to shake up even the most jaded rider. Son of Beast pulls a maximum G force of 4.5 G's! Enough to numb the toughest thrill seeker.

Photograph of Son of Beast


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